The Apprentice 2013 on BBC One – Series 9: Part 4 of 14

Lord Alan Sugar hand picked world UK best apprentices put on a magnificent display last week.  The Apprentice 2013 Series 9 and part 3 gave us a glimpse of what was truly in store for us and that these apprentices are truly exceptional people.  Two bright individuals quickly jump to my mind, or rather a couple of scenes flash in my memory.  The first scene – Lusia passionately painting Jordan’s toenails matt-black and probably the only task to date where both Lusia and Jordon have worked so passionately, second Alex the Welsh Dracula with his killer eye-brows taking on the know-it-all Natalie in a race to achieve the unbelievable milestone – to answer the telephone to receive next task instructions.  Why can’t my staff show such ‘extraordinary’ enthusiasm when the phone rings?

The task was simple (as always) innovative storage space solution flat-pack furniture.  You know, the stuff you supposed to find exhilarating in your home/apartment and forced to say  ‘wow can’t believe this wasn’t thought of before’, but since this is The Apprentice, we need to be a little less excited and more realistic, and aim to get some good solutions from our hopefuls.

In a nutshell – The Girls team lost led by Natalie, between the best brains in the world country they could only come up with (in theory) a multifunctional cube, which could do this and that, that and this all the while being just a cube.  When it came to putting the theory into practice they failed miserably and all they made was a nail-free-not-a-cube-looking-rectangle-box-on wheels and finished their masterpiece in the colour grey.  Lord Alan Sugar asked the teams to produce something which involved thinking outside of the box, the girls gave Lord Alan Sugar the box instead – on wheels.

On the other hand, the boys team powered by Alex but led by Jordan produced something a little more exciting.  A table which could be folded into a much needed table.  Not surprisingly the boys team won the task by selling more to their customers.

Natalie brings back the chief product designer Uzma and the not-so-enthusiastic Sophie back to the boardroom, where Sophie ends up falling victim to Lord Alan Sugar’s finger.

It’s clear, the girls are having a disaster of a time and I can’t imagine the impact it will have should they fail the task today – or Lord Alan Sugar may simply mix up the teams so save further embarrassments.

Today’s challenge involves some farmyard shop fun.

The Apprentice 2013 on BBC One – Series 9: Part 3 of 14

Last week we were truly spoilt by Lord Alan Sugar.  Not only did we get to see the first episode of this year’s The Apprentice a day early (on a Tuesday) we were overdosed by the second episode the following day (Wednesday) – thus sending the blood pressure of us The Apprentice addicts into dangerous territory.

The first episode on Tuesday introduced us to the candidates, a deliberate selection of annoying muppets and arrogant to**ers who would struggle to put a key into a keyhole.  The task was simple, unload a load of junk made in China, count it, prices it, work out the profit margins and figure out best locations to flog it.  The team which makes the most profit wins – simple right but boy oh boy did the girls team get into a devastating mess or what.  I was almost stunned to see a group of girls taking a cat product made in China to, what is known as China town in London, and sell it there when already those shops were stocked up with this product.  Not surprisingly the women’s team lost the task resulting in, the mouth motivator Jaz Ampaw-Farr being fired – and rightly so – God damn she was annoying.

The second episode on Wednesday was a little different.  The boys (Team Endeavour) and the girls (Team Evolve) had to come up with a flavoured beer for punters.  Tim, the constantly moving man who really is a puppet where someone using strings, against his will, moves his arms and head rather annoyingly, was sent over to run the girls team as a project manager – but quickly realised he couldn’t even manage his own moving actions let alone control the tasks.  On the other side it was Kurt who was appointed to lead the boys team.  In all honestly I simply can’t remember him, but somehow he managed to pull off the task and win – especially after his catastrophic decision to send three non-drinkers (including a Muslim) to go actually make, taste the beer – I mean come on.

The boys team pulled it off, somehow, leaving Tim to fight it out with the girls in the boardroom.  It all proved to be too much for animated Tim and was the second casualty of this series.

For me, there is one outstanding character in this series – The Welsh Dracula Alex Mills. He had the best one liner I have heard, well since my preschool days, “Will you be quiet you silly little shit” blasted to the PhD student.  The PhD student from some University had no research knowledge in addressing this comment, and all methodologies failed at this point for him – which resulted in utter silence.

If I had the opportunity to hire anyone of these contestants it would have to be the Welsh Dracula, I mean his eyebrows are amazing, something out of this world – literally.  I’d hire him on the basis that he could scare my competition into submission just by his physical appearance when I take him into meetings, if that would fail he could scare the living daylights out of them by his one liners “just give up your business you silly little shit”.  In fact I am going to find this Welsh Dracula Alex Mills and offer him a job as a personal bodyguard.

What is evident in this year’s bunch of top brass is the attitudes of the girls, if anything, they should be re-branded as Team Delusional.  The boys, including The Welsh Dracula, do have their problems but they proved twice in a row they can meet the task objective and win, but for the girls they are horrible to watch and some are nasty pieces of work.  I am sure that those girls who get fired from The Apprentice will be labelled for life of not-employable.

Today’s episode it’s a challenge for flat pack furniture – bring it on

Ex-Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher dies 13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013

I’ve just learnt Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher has died.  Mainly known as Margaret Thatcher she was a British politician, the longest-serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 20th century, most interestingly – she was the only women ever to have held the post.

It saddens me to learn of her death, despite my reservations around her political views and policies it is a great loss, she was a great leader.

More can be read here and here.

Me, her and Keeping up with the Kardashians

I choose my acquaintances based on their attractiveness, their sexiness, their style, class, ability, age and profession – the latter at times can be compromised or negotiated but is rare.  As a guy It’s hard work, and at times it requires long exhausting hours of research into their lifestyles, background and their intended future aspirations, before I make my move or orchestrate an engagement.  I guess, my interpretation of acquaintances is different from the norm.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for is how serious ‘some’ take a reality TV show – that too unscripted, as my recent acquaintance would have me believe.  Despite an exceptionally high appointed role working for a watch brand known to the world as Rolex, and despite ticking all the boxes for being on par for an ideal acquaintance, she has brought with her an unimaginable rift between us.

Allow me, going forth, to refer to this acquaintance as Priya – who is the most adorable personality you would find in a woman of 31 years of age – that I can’t take away from her. Her assignments for Rolex give her the power to travel around the world (for which many envy her profession and career) connecting and networking with high profile individuals, including members associated with Hollywood, Bollywood and government officials in the west just to highlight a few.

Her recent business assignment brings her to West Yorkshire and in particular to Leeds.  I first met Priya in London during the build-up to 2010 International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) which was to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  It was there, in London, where we first interacted and engaged but departed until her presence in Leeds few weeks ago.  She instantly and immediately struck a tone in me and ever since we have kept our communication ongoing.

To keep focus on the unimaginable rift she has introduced between us, I cannot put what I am about to write in any easy or simple words, and I must express this as it formulates in my head.  Priya’s life can be divided into three whole sections – and by no stretch of the imagination can what I write impede her personality and her status – two parts out of three of her life I can handle and in all cases with pleasure, but the final part I am not prepared to compromise or negotiate on, and I must reject it wholeheartedly.

The first part of her life is work – which is impressive and attractive, the second part to her life currently is our close interactions and engagements – again impressive and something I have no problem with, but the third part of her life is spending every second when she is either not working or when she is not with me, watching the US reality show known as Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The Kardashians or the actual word, admittedly, is not oblivious to me.  It has, in the past, popped up in discussion with other people I know – all being females, but since my physical engagement with Priya during the build up of 2010 IIFA event in Colombo, I have understood exactly who the Kardashians are.

Priya, literally is obsessed in keeping up with the Kardashians, she has gone as far as setting up my Sky HD box at my apartment to record every possible program that is aired on Sky relating to the Kardashians, whereas in the past my Sky HD was programmed to record programs such as ‘The Apprentice, Dragons Den, programs relating to cooking and property development and Sport games’.  If Priya is not at work and not with me she will be at the home cinema in my apartment keeping up with the Kardashians, and if she isn’t at my apartment watching it, for sure, she will be at her hotel keeping up with the Kardashians.

I once asked her “if there is or was a person who you would aspire to be, who would that one person be?” thinking the response will be on par with Ghandi and Jesus or someone to this level, her response was unimaginable and signalled the seriousness of her Keeping up with the Kardashians condition, and she uttered with passion “it would be…hhhhmmmm….Kim Kardashian out of the three sisters” at which point my jaw, my jogging pants and the mug of fresh brewed coffee dropped (and this scene, is on replay in slow-motion in my mind ever since).  It was clear that Kardashian is not a one man army but a clan, and there were more of them – Jesus Christ indeed.

To give her a fair trial, since she puts up with me and my habit of watching dragons den religiously with a notepad and my thinking cap on, I decided I would cave into her request of watching at least one episode of keeping up with the Kardashians with her – so I did.

The one episode that I watched with her, good grief I couldn’t help but clench my fists and grit my teeth all the while Priya found it romantic, while the I watched this disaster she rested her head on my somewhat tense lap with tense thigh muscles, the episode was so crazy, embarrassing and emotionally charged that I wish I hadn’t agreed to watching it.

In this episode, Kris Jenner happens to bump into her ex at a tennis practice, she, somewhat decides to pursue her ex which in the end results in agreeing to have an evening dinner – in the disguise of wanting closure from their relationship (considering they haven’t met each other for over a decade).  All the while, her current poor husband Bruce Jenner is left in the dark about what was brewing behind his back.  One of the Kardashian daughters along with Rob Kardashian realise the mother is up to something and decide to follow her, spy on her moves suspecting their mother having an affair – but their pursuit of obtaining evidence runs cold when they lose track of where their mother has vanished.  After spending the evening dinner, in close proximity with her ex, flirting and somewhat reliving old memories, Kris decides to go home and come clean with what just happened, so she wakes Bruce up from his bed, brings him out to the kitchen area and explains what happens.  For the sake of sanity and idealism I wish not to go any further in describing this episode.

As the episode drew to a close, I couldn’t help but regret having sat there watching this crazy reality TV show, if I can call it that.  I should receive an award for handling this episode so well and living to tell the tale – I guess the award should include words such as ‘brave’ or ‘extremely brave’ in the title.  What was more regrettable was Priya actually enjoyed it, which goes to show that I and Priya are on two different planets entirely.

Priya is checked into a hotel a stone throw away from my apartment, but she pretty much spends her time when she isn’t working at my apartment.

So almost two weeks ago, I decided to ‘politely’ eject her out of my apartment for a few days so that I can a) reclaim back my Sky HD box, b) delete all of the programs recorded that relate to the Kardashians and c) to teach her a lesson in making me watch this crap, where the time I spent watching that one episode is something I will never get back, not to mention the distress caused at the time. Harsh – I know.

Last weekend, almost 11 days later, I finally opened the door to Priya.  In those 7 days days I have had no contact with her other than mobile communication, but I’m now glad that she has realised that its either keeping up with the Kardashians or keeping up with me, happy that she opted for the later.  In saying that, as she fluttered her eyelashes I did back track on one thing though, which was that she could watch her unscripted, reality TV show at her own hotel room – as and when she pleased, but not in my premises.

As for the Kardashians, well, they can go take a long walk and occupy someone else’s home cinema as far as I am concerned.

Want, want, want, want…

Tony Robbins – never heard of him, but my acquaintance has talked about him and his work non-stop, she has subscribed to this dude with eyes wide shut.  I, on the other hand have no interest in this guy or anyone else who talks about attaining success.

I have my own rules and principles in pursuit of success – but one quote which caught my attention – (in the last few days) when on the receiving end of verbal vomit from my acquaintance about Tony Robbins was:











He nailed it in the head with this quote and welcome into my world.

The Apprentice 2012 – Sixth Episode Today – Week Six

Today, the sixth episode of The Apprentice 2012 will be aired on BBC One at 9pm.  You can catch up on my previous episode updates by links provided at the bottom of this post. So far, we have seen five people get the chop by Lord Alan Sugar.

A Recap:

Week One said good bye to Bilyana Apostolova

Week Two said good bye to Maris O’Conner

Week Three said good bye to Michael Copp

Week Four said good bye to Jane McEvoy

And, week Five said good bye to Duane Bryan with a big smile.

As I have done previously, I predicted that team Phoenix will win – and proud to announce I was correct.

It’s more sensible to refer to each team by their team names from now onwards, especially since the teams are mixed with both boys and girls.

The task this time was one which involved more thought process, relied on simply and possible idea over hard and complicated one.  This time, the teams had to design and plan a ‘new’ exercise regime which would tempt three major UK fitness clubs to franchise or lease.

Team Phoenix had a group of people who seemed to be reluctant in putting their names forward as project manager for this task.  The only person to put their hand up was ‘teeth chewing’ Stephen; it was the likely choice since work related to fitness was his daily job.

Team Sterling was more engaging and two people put their views forward as to why they should be project managers:  Jenna and Ricky made their cases and in the end Ricky got more votes.

Both teams worked on their ideas and in my view, team Sterling were quick off the mark, as Ricky almost instantly came up with their concept and their training regime.  Team Sterling lead by Ricky tried to blend martial arts with fitness – not a new idea and has been around in various fitness clubs for years.  On the other hand team Phoenix endorsed a retro 80s style fitness classes.

Both teams had to produce a promotional video, which later would be used to demo their ideas to the large fitness clubs when they pitch their ideas.

From both video’s I have to admit I preferred Team Phoenix – as their style suited their 80’s idea.  Team Sterling seemed to have lost the martial arts touch in their video – and it became evident that their video promotion appeared standard dance/fitness class.

As usual both teams struggled to cover important areas of their fitness regime including material and equipment which team Phoenix didn’t account for.

Nonetheless in the end, Team Phoenix won the task – despite having the first two clubs reject their ideas in the boardroom and only the last and final club agreed to trail their fitness regime.

So, not surprisingly team Sterling lost and it seems they are in a pretty bad state now.  The boardroom was yet again full of people pointing fingers and in the end Ricky decided to bring Duane with his big smile along with Laura who has become a common face in the boardroom face-offs.

With Laura fighting her corner on the grounds that she was doing what she was instructed to do, and Ricky claiming the video promotion lost him the task meant that Duane was left out and in the end Lord Sugar agreed and fired smiling Duane.

Today’s task is all about Street Food.  Lord Sugar sends the candidates to Scotland, where they must make gourmet grub and sell it on the streets of Edinburgh. The teams decide on Italian meatballs and Scottish stew, but before heading north there is a spot of market research at one of London’s fancy street food fairs. It is clear from what is served up that there is more to this business than dishing up a burger and chips.

On today’s task I think I am going to back Team Sterling to win, they need this badly.

Your thoughts?

Anyway, I’d like to leave you with a video below of some funny bits on the last episode.  See you all tonight at 9pm on BBC One


Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five

The Apprentice 2012 – Fifth Episode Today – Week Five

It’s Wednesday today, and you know what that means:  The fifth episode of The Apprentice 2012.  Most of you by now will be well aware of what’s been happening, or at least been following my brief updates on this year’s apprentices.  The Apprentice 2012 will be aired on BBC One at 9pm.  You can catch up on my previous episodes updates by links provided at the bottom of this post, so far we have seen the rise (well sort of) and fall of four apprentices so far.

A recap:

Week One said good bye to – Bilyana Apostolova

Week Two said good bye to – Maria O’Conner

Week Three said good bye to – Michael Copp

And, Week Four said good bye to Sylvester Stallone look alike – Jane McEvoy

Last week, prior to the show being aired, I wrote how the boy’s team Phoenix will win this task, after coming to know the task.  I was proved correct and the girls team ‘Sterling’ lost the challenge.

The task was simple, buy crap (household goods) for as cheap as possible, condition them and resell for a profit in a shop.  The girl’s team was lead by Laura (the attractive business women – as she claimed, but the truth couldn’t be far from it) and the boy’s team was led by Tom, the relaxed and contained chap.

To be fair, it was hard to tell which strategy was working well.  Tom was adamant to have a say in almost everything that was considered to be bought for team Phoenix, and where Laura simply had no clue and her team Sterling were simply buying anything and everything.

In comparison to their shops, I did think that team Sterling had more items to sell in their shop and their shop looked busy with recycled items.  On the other hand, at one point, Tom’s team Phoenix had purchased so little that their shop looked empty with only about five items – but over time they increased the amount to better numbers.

When the shops opened, Tom’s leadership and vision paid off instantly as the shop quickly attracted people who started to purchase almost immediately – despite the shop having more empty space than items.  At one point, Tom had to call for more recycled items to be bought and immediately sent to the shop, as they began to run low on stock.  Luckily the Blonde Assassin and her team were good at scavenging second-hand items and did so perfectly, and before long, they had refilled empty spaces in the shop.

Laura’s team didn’t do well at all as customers refused to come into their shop, those who actually did were quick to leave empty handed.  I found most of the girls doing their own things, as their egos were getting the better of them and they began to distant themselves from actually selling in the shop and focus more on getting people into the shop.  The lack of numbers coming into the shop prompted Laura to print and handout leaflets in the surrounding areas – which proved to work but it was too late in the day for some serious money to be made.

As I predicted before the show, the boy’s team Phoenix won the task, meaning as well as Tom’s first attempt as Project Manager turning into a win, the Blonde Assassin also enjoyed her first ever win in the show.

Laura asked Gaby and Jane to join her in the boardroom, which after a bitch fight had erupted it was Jane who got fired.  It was clear that Gaby was wrongly brought back to the boardroom since she was probably the only one who worked extremely hard throughout the task.

Today’s episode (week five) Lord Sugar turns the candidates’ attentions towards the highly profitable keep fit industry. The teams have two days to devise and brand a new fitness class that reflects recent popular trends like Zumba or Body Pump, which attract gym members to classes in big numbers. They must then pitch their routines to leading health and fitness chains, who will pay for the rights to run them if they like what they see.

Yet again, I am backing up team Phoenix to win this task, since the boy’s team have proved to be more committed in doing whatever it takes to get it right.

Any thoughts?

Anyway, I’d like to leave you with a video below of some funny bits on the last episode.  See you all tonight at 9pm on BBC One

Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four

The Apprentice 2012 – Fourth Episode Today – Week Four

Today, the fourth episode of The Apprentice 2012 will be aired on BBC One at 9pm.  In the last week episodes, which you can read by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post, we have seen the fall of three apprentices so far.

A recap:

Week one said good bye to – Bilyana Apostolova

Week two said good bye to – Maria O’Conner

And, Week Three said good bye to – Michael Copp – they saucy guy.

Last week, prior to the show being aired, when I realised the task was related to food – I predicted that the girls team ‘Sterling’ would be victorious.  I was right.  Although Lord Alan sugar decided to switch few of the people around I couldn’t help thinking that the girls team needed some male muscle to help them – and again my thinking was correct.

Katie, the Blonde Assassin who was heavily criticised in previous two episodes, surprised me by her dominance of the male group.  As the Project Manager for the boys team, she not only was calm and organised, she seemed to have understood a tricky situation really well and come up with a plan B for selling their source, despite losing the first batch to the guys badly following a recipe.

Nonetheless, Katie led her team to failure and currently is the only person who has been on the losing side 3 times.

On the Girl’s team, It appeared that the only two boys seemed to have had a grip on the task.  Despite negative feelings from other girls they pulled it off with a win.

The remaining contestants have begun to show their true colours, and from them you can see who is a doer and who is just hot air.

Today’s episode (week four) Lord Sugar asks the teams to set up second-hand shops in London’s fashionable East End, home to a thriving market in retro and refurbished household goods. The teams must source second-hand stock from auctions, junk shops and car boot sales, and resell at a profit during a one-day-sale from their respective shops.

Today’s task is about having an eye for identifying items which will sell over stuff that simply is just crap – I feel (gut instinct) that the Boy’s team will win.  They have proved to be more daring that the girls and better at sales.

What do you think?

Anyway, I’d like to leave you with a video below of some funny bits on the last episode.  See you all tonight at 9pm on BBC One

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Machines Will Take Over From 2012

As the first week of 2012 came to an end, I tried to understand and reflect on how different 2012 will be for me, and for everyone else in comparison to previous years.  Somewhere, and I can’t exactly remember where, I read that ‘machines’ will (start) to influence our lives more than ever before.  That 2012 will be a start for when Machine try to outsmart the human intellect, and make us feel we simply can’t survive without them.

As I write, I can’t help feeling the uneasiness of how I am relying on a machine to record my words, words that are in my mind, which shortly will be shared with many other machines that will be used by readers to view what I have written.  Since when have I started to trust this machine so much that I allow it to record what is in my mind?

As a kid, I loved the movies such as Terminator and Robocop.  It was, as a kid, a chance to glance into the future and experience how life may well be.  The future is still to come, yet machines are already amongst us.  But, how did I come to accept machines to be part of my life and to trust them more than some people who I know?  It appears that while we continue the struggle in dealing with our lives, deal with issues that each and everyone faces, the machine has slowly and gradually crept upon us.

As we all know, machines are invented by us, to help us and make life easier and comfortable.  We invented them for a purpose, to serve us, and to assist us.  We have turned a blind eye to how powerful the machine have become, and to empower it with our intellect may well be the biggest mistake we make as mankind.

Take for example, the new generation of mobile phones, known to the world as ‘Smart Phones’.  If you take the time out and the next time you are either on a train or at your local McDonald – see how many people are glued to their ‘smart phones’.  What is it in this machine that simply makes the user become obsessed with the machine?  Steve Jobs was the guy who gave us this ‘smart phone’ machine.  Was he working for us or for the machine?  As much as we like to think we are in control of our lives, the reality is the machines seem to have a pretty good grip on our lives.  Our day-to-day activities clearly cannot function without the need and input from the machine.

This morning, as I got out of bed, I reflected on this ‘Machine’ and realised that in almost every activity I do, there is a machine involved.  To help explain what I mean, I’ll recall the machines I used today till the moment I write this post – at mid afternoon.

Alarm Clock, Radio, Electric Shower, Trimmer and electric shaver, Electric Toothbrush, Kettle, Fridge Freezer, Mobile Phone, Toaster, Microwave, Central Heating, Sky HD receiver, LCD Television and Remote Control, Mobile Phone Charger, Laptop, PC, immobilized car key, Car, SatNav, Radio, CD/DVD, reverse parking camera and sensor, Parking ticket machine, Train, Automated barriers to exist the train station, ATM Machine, Traffic lights, automatic doors, lift, finger print recognition to access work building, printer, fax machine, 3 LCD monitors, telephone, vending machine, keyboard and mouse.

38 machines used so far since morning, to be precise only in 6 hours.  The list is of machines which I can remember and work out, but for sure there are those machines which I used that either I can’t remember or recognise.  When I look at it this way, it becomes scary and quite hard to get my head around how much I depend on these machines or how much influence the machine has on my life.

Imagine if the 38 machines mentioned above simply refused to operate to my command.  In other words, they all got a message at the same time ‘not to cooperate with me or any other human’ and the machine actually refused to work and operate as it is commanded or intended to – where would that leave me or us?

To put it into prospective, Image if the alarm clock refused to wake me up at the time I told it to.  The electrical showers refused to provide me with hot water for me to have a shower in the morning.  The electric trimmer/shaver refused to operate so I couldn’t trim my stubble or have a shave.  The electric toothbrush refused to work so I used it the traditional way to clean my teeth.  The fridge freezer didn’t keep my milk or the butter fresh and all other food content simply went off.  The kettle refused in boiling the water and the microwave refused to warm up my food.  My car refused to start.

At the train station the ticket machine refused to give me a ticket and the train refused to leave the station.  The ATM refused to give me my money and swallowed my card.  My mobile refused to make or receive calls, or to even send or receive a text message.  The finger print security to access my work building refused me entry.  The PC/Laptop I’m using right now refused to record my words and opera….[[THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM THE MACHINE.  THE BRITISH ASIAN BLOG HUMANOID NO LONGER HAS PERMISSION TO USE THIS MACHINE AND THEREFORE CAN NO LONGER COMPLETE THIS MESSAGE]] 


Stephen Lawrence Murder Case ‘Not Closed’ Despite Two Convictions

I’d like to make a correction in my yesterday’s post, read here.  I originally said that this case was now over after yesterday’s news of the two convictions, but I’d like to correct this statement by saying “This case is still far from over”.

The reason why I made this correction, follows, two further developments in Stephen Lawrence case which came to my attention, and which at the time of writing yesterday’s post, were not apparent, or at least not to me.

Firstly:  It’s a known fact that, the group that attacked and killed Stephen Lawrence were a total of 5 people.  The names of all five I mentioned in my post yesterday.  Although, two of the five have eventually been brought to justice with one has been given minimum term of 15 years and 2 months and the other has been given 14 years and 3 months, three suspects remain at large and thus far have evaded justice since 1993.  It make sense now to bring the remaining suspects to justice, especially, since they not only have evaded justice but seem to think they were above the law.  A welcomed statement from Britain’s top Policeman Bernard Hogan-Howe said “despite almost two decades, the investigation is not closed” and that “others involved in the killing…should not rest easily in their beds”.

Secondly:  I made this point yesterday in my post, and I feel the need to mention it again, but with a little more detail.  It’s taken just over 18 years to bring about a conviction, and despite the conviction being a better result than any other result in the past 18 years, the satisfaction of this verdict or conviction is muted by why it took so long to get here?  Our society would never have changed, and, continue to change if it wasn’t for the sheer hard work and determination of that Doreen and Neville Lawrence put in over the years, mainly to overcome a lack of interest from an inward-looking, complacent – if not outright crooked – police force.  It’s still not perfect, and in the near future, can never be.  Doreen and Neville Lawrence have forced institutions to have a hard look at their own mind-sets, and more importantly highlighted to the wider population, the exact problems we face.

By digging a little deeper, around the past race related events of Eltham I come to realise Stephen Lawrence was not the only victim of racist murder.  In July 1992, Rohit Duggal aged 15 was murdered only a few hundred yards from where Stephen Lawrence died.  Eventually, years later, the Macpherson report had recorded evidence that Rohit Duggal’s killer(s) was one of the same gang responsible for Stephen’s death.  In Thamesmead, Feburary 1991 Rolan Adams aged 15 was to lose his life to racial motive killing.

Seeing news reports and documentaries one after the other, in the recent days, indicated a common sighting, especially during the scenes of demonstrations followed after the frustration of Lawrence boiled over to demonstrations.  Placards held by people during these demonstrations clearly condemned the presence of British National Party (BNP) in the area.  Somewhere during these events, lurking in the background was the influence of the British National Party.  It was known that only a few miles away, a bookshop covertly operated as a British National Party head office in Upper Wickham Lane, Welling.

Although, from the zenith Eltham appears to be a place which harbours racists, not just the murderers of Steven Lawrence, but it was, after all, the people and community of Eltham who gave up the names of the suspects from which two yesterday were convicted.  It was indeed the local “Institutional Racist” Metropolitan Police, who decided that the death of a black man just wasn’t worth the investigation, and it was never the wider community of Eltham with that view.

Unfortunately, the problem expands throughout the United Kingdom, there are places that remain a soft target for those who seek to stir and divide people.  The role played by the British National Party in the Bradford Riot(s) in July 2001 is a clear reminder of that, they just didn’t stop there, their motives and intention were abruptly apparent by major other riots around neighbouring cities before reaching Bradford.

Almost two decades later, what has changed and how much has changed?  Until Politian’s and others, either locally or nationally, don’t stop whipping up tensions, places like Eltham will remain soft spots for racial divide and may never escape the spectre of racism.

As I write this post, there remain three more suspects, who have, so far evaded justice in Eltham.  Throughout the country, many more such cases similar to this case, and, some have briefly hit the headlines, and especially since post-9/11 and 7/7.  However, circumstance in each individual case determines the course of justice, and in most cases, the lack of determination shown by Lawrence’s parents is missing, or the, institutions simply can’t afford to have another Stephen Lawrence Murder-like case on the horizon.  Racist Murder(s) and Racist Crime are more wide spread, more than we are led to believe.

Nearly two decades one, and with the recent verdicts, have at least for now, brought to attention the problem our society faces.  Communities such as Eltham at least now can begin to heal from the wounds over the last 18 years.  Victims of such racist murder(s) and racist crime(s) are not just the people directly attacked, but those who lived with them, went to school with them and the community who lived around them – the family of Lawrence, Neville and Doreen Lawrence lost their own lives over the last 18 years, as well as their son Stephen Lawrence – nothing can bring back what they have lost.  What happened that night was a great loss but from this loss the sheer determination by Neville and Doreen has helped change and improve our society, and the various institutions that swear to protect us, no matter what race or colour we are.  We owe it to them and those alike who fought to bring justice for all of us.

So, to bring the focus back to my original point that this case still remains open, thus far after 18 years two have been brought to justice but I really can’t help thinking that until the remaining members of the group are not put on trail and convicted, there still will remain uncertainties around this whole cases, with some way to go.  I also feel we have a long way to go yet to understand why this case has taken 18 years to prosecute 2 out of 5 suspects?   Some ownership, responsibility and accountability of the failings at institutional level need to be investigated, and to bring to light those sectors which contributed to the failure(s).  Until these questions are answered, we may well still have to fight for truth and justice.