Sorry guys..I have been away..

by The British Asian Blog

OK guys, I know its been a while since I last posted something here.  I’d like to apologise for my absence and I haven’t been assassinated by The Ghobi, The Aloo and the Masala.  For those who don’t know what this is then just click the link and get informed.

We often make plans in our lives.  Plans that help us achieve our desired destination both short term and long term.  But when a unpredictable change occurs in life, then those plans go right out the window into the rubbish heap.  This happened to me and I found myself making adjustments which I hadn’t planned for before.  I shall write another post about this in the coming days.

I’ll be back shortly and I just wanted to let the readers know ‘where I am’ and that I’ll be back soon (a week or two).

I somehow have managed to hit the right cord with people on this blog, and thank you for your comments and emails.  I have managed to respond to a few and will get around to responding to the remaining ones shortly.

I’ll be back