I have a new section: British Asian Bloggers List

by The British Asian Blog

Right people, I want you to be part of this.

I’ve been so frustrated in not being able to easily find other British Asian bloggers without pulling my hair out, or taking my frustration out on my laptop.  So I have come up with an idea and have created a directory providing links to other British Asian bloggers which I hope will eventually grow to a reasonable size.

At the moment it’s practically empty and hence why I need you to join and it’s FREE.  It does have its advantage as people will more than often click through the list and if they like what they read might become loyal readers.  Plus if any other Asians want to read about other Asians then they know where to find you.

I’m hoping to grow this over time so please help me out here.

Check it out here or simply just click on the ‘British Asian Bloggers List’ tab on top.

Share your views with me.