Friday Funnies – Part 3

by The British Asian Blog

Friday Funnies by The British Asian Blogger

Disclaimer: Not intended to offend anyone but if they do then tuff – that’s just life.

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Friday Funnies Number One:

Note:  This joke was provided courtesy of Aneesa.  She was adamant I feature this joke for her this week, as she has vast knowledge and insight to the culture and life styles of Pathan.  She also requested a link to her favourite video of a Pathan Wedding where a traditional Pathan Chicken Dance (Please reduce the volume if watching in public or work environment) is taking place.

Pathan to AirHostess:  “Tumara shakal humara biwiw se bht milta hai”

AirHostess ne thapar mara

Pathan bola:  “MashaAllah! Adat b milta ha.


Friday Funnies Number Two:

Doctor:  Madam, Your husband needs rest and peace, so here are some sleeping pills!

Wife:  Doc, when should I give them to him?

Doctor:  They are for you…


Friday Funnies Number Three:

I walked into a Pub and ordered 8 Sambuca’s.  I downed them one after the other, then said to the barman, ‘I shouldn’t be drinking like this with that I’ve got’.  The barman replied, ‘Why, what have you got?’ I said ‘42p’.


You have any Friday Funnies to share?