Fuel Prices fiasco

by The British Asian Blog

An e-petition signed by 110,000 people (including me) was debated in the house of commons today.  I have been following this news all day today in the hope that some good and in the interest of the general public may well be the result.  I am afraid to say I am more disappointed now than I was before.

I’m left totally confused and baffled with the outcome of this debate.  Robert Halfon said the government must show it is one “that cuts taxes for millions of British people and not just for millionaires”.  The government approved it BUT without a vote meaning it’s not binding on ministers.  I then beg the question “why was it even debated if the outcome was going to be nothing?”

Families, commuters, small and medium size businesses who depend on their vehicles daily are struggling to survive as it is.  To make matters worse an extra 3p a litre fuel duty is expected in January 2012 – resulting an extra £1.50 to fill an average car.  It’s a credit crunch, the economy has shrunk and there is no sign of economic growth and with the closure of so many public and private sector unemployment is at record level yet we are expected to pay more at the pumps.  Is it me or has the government lost the plot all together.

See the breakdown and cost of petrol and diesel below:

There is talk for ministers to consider whether the UK tax rates are economically competitive, the impact they are having on economic growth and unemployment and to device a “fair fuel stabiliser” mechanism for the future – as we all well know that before anything is really done about this (if anything at all) the UK business, families and all others who depend on their vehicles would be at the brink of collapse.

Overall – the day started positively but ended disastrously for both the UK economy and  millions of British people, I was expecting the government and ministers to really help us out here and to really understand our situation(s).  But unfortunately like everything else we have been left to fight for ourselves and ahead lies more trouble and turbulent times.

I guess it’s now time to downgrade and exchange my Range Rover for a Nissan Micra.