Smoking in Cars – Poll results thus far

by The British Asian Blog

Recently, I wrote a blog post titled ‘Should smoking in cars be banned?‘.  I also added a Poll to this blog post – which I think was a good move to understand how people thought and felt around this topic.

It’s been three days since the post was published, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share the results for this Poll thus far with you.  I don’t have any immediate plans to close the Poll from people wanting to vote and when I do decide to close the Poll I will once again publish the results.

The results thus far:

50% of people voted for ‘Smoking should be banned altogether’

16% of people voted for ‘Smoking in cars should be banned’

16% of people voted for ‘Smoking ban in public places is far enough’

0% voted for ‘Smoking in cars should NOT be banned’.

As I mentioned earlier, the Poll has only been running for three days, but a sizeable amount of people have voted for which I am proud of, and I intend to keep this Poll running for a little longer.

Poll ratings can change any time but so far the Poll suggests clearly that smoking is a big issue and majority of people want smoking to be banned altogether.  Again I am not suggesting smoking should be banned but from the Poll you can see the majority of people wanting a more wider ban.

A serious question must be asked at this point, which is if other intoxications just as harmful but have caused less deaths (per year) are banned in this country (the UK) then why hasn’t cigarettes been banned?