Master Chef India – Simply Brilliant.

by The British Asian Blog

Master Chef India – Simply Brilliant – By The British Asian Blog

Cooking is a big part of my life, and it has been as far back as I can remember – even as a child just helping out the ladies at home.  Ever since my first days at University I have taken cooking very serious, serious enough to know that cooking requires having ‘good taste, creativity and good presentation skills’.

What makes it more exciting for me is being adventurous and experimental in cooking, something which gives me a thrill.

Over the last decade I have seen more and more cooking TV shows crop up, one after another and better than the last one.  From ‘Ready steady cook’ to ‘The F Word’ to ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’ I enjoyed them all.

Then one day – my heart melted when I first watched Master Chef aired in the UK.  The thrill of cooking with last minute given ingredients, limited by time, closely watched by two Chefs and to later get judged on cooking ability, taste, creativity and presentation skills was simply a king of all shows.

Since then, I have been blown away by Master Chef India and as Guardian put it in October 2010 “The ingredients are: a Bollywood star, months of auditions around India, thousands of candidates, one of the biggest potential audiences in the world, satellite TV, and lots and lots of cash. Welcome to MasterChef India”.  This show (currently running its second season) is simply breath taking and hearth throbbing.  I have never seen anything like it and I don’t believe anything can beat it (so far).

The current season ‘Master Chef India 2’ is hosted and judged by world renowned Indian Chef Vikas Khanna, and last year it was hosted by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar – known to be a man who can cook as well as act.

I find that Master Chef India in comparison to Master Chef UK to be more thrilling, more adventurous and more demanding from its contestants.  It simply blows you away by the pressures put on the contestants and despite at times the contestants appearing to fall flat on their faces through exhaustion they somehow and from somewhere manage to find that energy to produce food of high standard.

What makes Master Chef India more exciting to watch is the constant bluntness of the judges who simply speak their minds and their stubborn attitudes, adding the fear of being shredded apart by the judges once their food is tasted.

I strongly suggest everyone to watch this show, if not for cooking reasons then at least for its entertainment.  You won’t be disappointed.