My Latest Reads

by The British Asian Blog

My Latest Reads, The British Asian Book Reivew

Few days ago, I completed my review for a Saraswati Park By Anjali Joseph.  Although this book a little long to read then my normal maximum one week per book dealing (due to a business holiday in between) it was still worth sharing my review.

This morning, I made my routine Saturday morning visit to my library and from the availble books I managed to pick a few for my latest reads.

For those who are not familiar with my style of reading, let me just explain that for the sake of this blog I mainly focus on reading novels based on British Asians or authors who are British Asian or Asian.  That said, I don’t limit my readings just to this category but do read on many other categories too.  But since my blog theme is mainly around British Asian I’d like to keep my readings limited to this.

Here are a list of books (not in) order:

1.  Londonstani – Gautam Malkani

2.  Something to Tell You – Hanif Kureishi

3.  Black Mamba Boy – Nadifa Mohamed

Londonstani - Gautam Malkani Something to Tell You - Hanif Kureishi Black Mamba Boy - Nadifa Mohamed

As and when I finish each book (I hope a week for each novel) I will share my review with you guys.  In the interim if you like to comment on these books, or have other books in mind that fit the bill and believe it will be a good read for me, then I’d like to hear about them too.