Please help protect the Open University, sign the e-petition

by The British Asian Blog

Ahead of government proposed cuts to Universities, supporters of Open University need to obtain a parliamentary debate to discourage the government from actioning their proposed cuts to funding.

100,000 signatures are required to achieve this.

In the current economic crisis, Universities have been hit hard.  For UK nationals its become a uphill struggle to go to University.  Much harder than ever before.  The Open University is therefore a safety net and an alternative option.  It now can compete against bricks-and-motor universities.  The Open University needs to grow in order for it to be a alternative to other forms of higher eduction.  Education which has become more and more expensive, difting further away from the reach of the UK population.

Please help the Open University, Please sign the e-petition:

When I wrote this post, the number of signatures had reached 22,845.  I’m confident people will understand the importance of the Open University.  It needs to grow in the current climate, it needs your support.  Lets achieve the target of 100,000 quickley.