Smoking Ban Poll Results

by The British Asian Blog

Smoking ban Poll Results : by The British Asian Blog

I asked my readers a question “Should smoking in cars be banned?” in a post exactly 3 weeks ago, with a follow up post few days later.

As part of the discussion, I created a poll – enabling people to have their say with measurable results.  Admittedly, the discussion was interesting.  It encouraged a discussion and at times it became a light debate, and all comments made were valid and interesting.

The question I asked in the Poll was:  Smoking ban – how far should it go?

37% of people said ‘Smoking in cars should NOT be banned’

32% of people said ‘Smoking should be banned altogether’

16% of people said ‘Smoking should not be banned anywhere’

11% of people said ‘Smoking in cars should be banned’

5% of people said ‘Smoking ban in public places is far enough’

So we have it, majority of people don’t believe smoking in cars should banned.  One result which really surprised me was that 32% of people simply wanted smoking to be banned altogether.  In my opinion the results of this Poll leaves the debate wide open.

Although, the results largely showed that people simply didn’t think smoking ban should be extended to cover cars – I am left assured that people simply do not approve of smoking altogether – That a total ban is also an option.  I know this will never happen, or at least not in the near future but I have to admit I am surprised by this result.

Thank you all, for participating in my discussion and Poll.  I would like to read your views based on the poll results.

Have the Poll results echoed your views on this matter and would you agree with the majority of people that either: Smoking should not be banned in cars or smoking should be banned altogether?