I Own Something Special: Steve Jobs Biography

by The British Asian Blog

I finally own Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson.  There was no particular reason why I waited this long.  Maybe because I wanted to absorb the news that Steve Jobs was actually dead, so the more I waited to get hold of his biography the more I’d appreciate it as time goes on.

So, on Saturday, while I visited my local town centre – I happen to pay a visit to my local Waterstones store.  My real intention was to search for a another Project Management related book and have a coffee – but the Bibliography of Steve Jobs caught my attention.  This is no way a promoting post for Waterstones but to be honest, they had reduced the book to only £11.99 making this the cheapest place to buy the book after Tesco at £14.00.

While, I sat in front of the fire at home, I happen to take Steve Jobs biography out of its bag, and just simply hold it in two hands and stare at the front cover – his photo.  I felt as if I was holding something special in my hands, not felt like this before with any other book or biography – was I holding a revolution, a piece of history one which I was very much part of?  I don’t know – but whatever was in my hands seemed to be special and I could feel it.

As a result of my feelings around this biography – I have decided to put all other reading materials aside, and to make reading this biography a priority.  I honestly don’t know what or how I might feel after I have read it, but something tells me – I’m in for some inspiration.  I guess a lot is due to the fact that Information Technology (IT) is a big part of my life, something I was fond of since a child, through my GCSE’s to College, and then through University.  I studied Software Engineering, Software Development Applications and later e-Commerce and e-Solutions for the World Wide Web.  My career although is in healthcare the main area is mainly focused around Information Technology – so I can no doubt relate to the visions of Steve Jobs, probably since childhood.

This was a brief post, just to share my feeling with you all.  I will however share my views and thoughts with you once I have completed reading the biography and have absorbed the information.  When I get the feeling of being a little nervous before reading a particular book – I know something special is in it.