Force Bollywood Movie Review

by The British Asian Blog

Back in September I wrote about an upcoming Bollywood movie called FORCE.  That post was written prior to the movie being released.  Unfortunately I never got around to watching the movie in Cinema – due to a busy lifestyle, but as I mentioned then that once I had watched the movie – I’d share my views and opinions around the movie – well a little late but here I present to you my brief review.

Prior to the movie being released, speculation had it that this movie was a remake of a Tamil movie called Khakha Khakha.  Although, I’m not sure at the time whether the speculation was true or not, or if it actually mattered at all, but I don’t think anything was taken away from Force movie.

The movie was directed by Nishikant Kamat, who directed Mumbia Meri Jaan.  I’d like to give him credit, since he kept the movie alive and interesting throughout.  There seemed to be a good balance between art and violence, between a love story and creativity.  Force to me appeared to be a commercial movie and stood strong in all aspects.

John Abraham, I believe executed his role really well in this movie.  At times, when watching the movie, you can’t help thinking that John was emotionless or performed poor in different scenarios but as the movie goes on you understand that John’s character is one of a machine.  A guy, who takes no crap, has no feelings or emotions and he is dedicated in doing one thing – do his duty well and provide justice – be it the hard way if it works.

The female character, Genelia D’Souza seemed a little disappointing.  As always, she appeared to be childish, immature and at time poor at showing a serious side.  To me she seemed to be a lonely character, without her own life style.  If this movie was a spring board for her, to launch herself as a serious character and setting a bench mark, then I’m afraid she failed to achieve this.

What made the movie interesting throughout was the combination of choreography and cinematography.  The blend was good and kept the movie watchable throughout.

The story line was not fantastic but would qualify as good story.  It was slightly straight forward without any twists, Movies like Gajani and Wanted all seemed to be in to surprise the audience but with FORCE movie the acting and seriousness of John lead role was enough to make one believe that the movie didn’t need a twist to keep people excited or entertained.  The romance or love story within Force was not big, but appeared to be a casual part of the movie.  Some movies like Gajani, seemed to be based around love stories and tend to keep the love part alive throughout.  Force was a little different, in the sense that a point was made that love can overcome anyone no matter how stone hearted they might be – but the ultimate focus of this movie was to bring in a gang and provide justice the hard way.

After watching the movie, you will understand how hard John has worked on his physique and on his acting to remain a stone hearted person who knows just one thing – to do his job well.

Overall I would rate this movie a good 6.5 out of 10.