Jhootha Hi Sahi Bollywood Movie Review

by The British Asian Blog

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Abbas Tyrewala’s Bollywood movie ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’.  Released October 2010.

I couldn’t help thinking, much of this movie is aimed towards University students, graduates or early adulthood and getting to know society and relationships.

What attracted me to watch this movie over other options was that it’s rare to find a movie which is based around British Asians, living a typical life, typical routine and typical humour amongst friends.

The first scene of the movie is indeed a very funny and hilarious one.  John Abraham playing Siddharth Arya has fallen asleep on the sofa while watching TV (Typical bachelor) who receives a call from someone who is about to commit suicide.  Siddharth thinking it’s a one off manages to talk the person out of it.  Few moments later another phone call from a different person with the same intention arousing his suspicions that this is a joke and a prank and responds to the person sarcastically.  Later he is made aware that his home number by mistake was printed on a Asian suicide helpline posters and leaflets that had been circulated.

Midways through the movie, I couldn’t help thinking that this movie was trying to imitate popular television series Friends.  A bunch of friend, all of them fond with each other, free and open with mixed relationships.  There are other characters such as a Pakistan brother and Sister living together, the sister is pregnant and is seeing a Chinese, while the brother is constantly engaged in fighting with Siddharth’s girl friend.

The movie is embarrassingly hilarious, with some scenes simply side splitting.  What really works well in this movie, is the constant piss take of each other and the situations they are in.  Something which is typical in everyday life.

Soon as Siddharth agrees to become a volunteer after having his home number accidental printed on Asian suicide promotion material, he happens to meet a lone voice of a girl called Mishka (Pakhi), who simply calls him but never utters a word in the first call.  Surprisingly, Sid (Siddharth) manages to recognise her silence and bring her to talk with him.  They become good phone friends and Sid never tells her who he is over the phone.  They then meet each other in real life, Mishka unaware that he is the person on the phone, whom she has named Siddhartho.  Sid lives two lives, playing a helper to her trouble life over the phone and being a friend in her real life.  What makes Sid appear to be two different people to Mishka is the fact that Sid has a problem in that when he is with beautiful women he stutters and when on the phone his words flow naturally.

On the acting front, John was good and managed to balance the funny side of his character and his serious side successfully.  Pakhi on the other hand appeared to be a little mature, a little old for her role – but I’m not sure if this was intended or not.  But the chemistry worked well between them both.  The chemistry between the friends was hilarious at the beginning but slowly turns to some serious scenes.

The movie overall (for me) is different to the regular stuff we get from Bollywood.  As a British Asian much of what the friends go through is something we would have experienced in real life.  What makes the movie enjoyable is the side splitting scenes which are executed fantastically well.

One song for me which stood out the most was by A. R Rahman called ‘I’m thinking of you’ which I have added a video below.  If it sinks into your mind and you find yourself humming it throughout the day, then please don’t blame me.

Because, the movie is different, and is made in our home ground – it makes it more believable and realistic.  If the scenes were set in any other country, I’m not sure if this movie would have had the same impact on me.

Overall I would rate this movie as 8 out of 10.  A high score simply because it’s more appealing to me being a British Asian


I’ll be waiting .