Last US Troops leave Iraq – Yeah Right..

by The British Asian Blog

Today, the US stated the last of US troops have left Iraq, but who are they trying to fool this time around.  The second World War ended in 1945, and guess what, the US (and its allies) still remain in both Japan and Germany.

I’m not fooled by this news.  Especially considering that on Iraqi soil the US have created the largest military base and US embassy in the world.  The question you then ask, is this to be a war launching pad for either Pakistan or Iran?

What really upsets me about this news is the blatant bias of the west, the media and war mongrels who thrive from making war.  The media here in the west has been reporting that “almost 4,500 American and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives [1]” (so the small figure comes before the large one – how interesting) but what about those who have died out side of combat zone, or those who have gone missing (and never found) and those millions of men, women and children who have been injured during this (illegal) war in Iraq?

I oppose any war, whether its in Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Pakistan or on the Moon.  War is bad, no freedom can be bought by attacking another nation, especially not when lies after lies are blatantly aired to brain wash us.

I can’t stop thinking we (UK) have already signed up to a war with Iran, where history is repeating itself for when momentum was building up for a show down in Iraq.  I oppose any war and I will do anything in my power to voice my protest at war.  I am not a member of a party but I can tell the difference between right and wrong.

Back in 2003 millions of people (in the UK) took to the streets to protest the war in Iraq, similiar and much larger protests repeated around the world – but that got us nowhere.  There are two things that this system understands and that is blood and money.

I have added a video below of George Galloway, who I have no connection with and have never met, but what he says in this video is along the lines of how I feel.  Please, I’d advice you to watch and listen to this youtube talk.

It’s upsetting, it makes me angry and sad that we are going to sleep walk into another war, one which has already been planned and executed behind the scenes.  Much like, Libya was, much like Iraq was and much like Afghanistan was.