Stephen Lawrence’s Murder – Gary Dobson and David Norris Found Guilty

by The British Asian Blog

The racist attack and murder of Stephen Lawrence has finally ended, finding both David Norris and Gary Dobson guilty of his murder.  It’s taken 18 long bloody years to finally bring justice to the Lawrence family.

A Chronology of events can be found here

Both Gary Dobson and David Norris were found quality today afternoon, bringing to an end (I hope) one of UK’s most unsolved murder case stretching over 18 years.  Not sure how many people are familiar with this case, especially those outside of the UK, but, I remember this case being a small kid.

The details of this conviction can be read here, here and here.

In my lifetime, pre-9/11 this was a one of those cases which brought to life many issues facing ethnic minorities in the UK (or even Europe for that matter).   Stephen Lawrence was a British Teenager, murdered back in 1993 in a racially motivated attack.

The pair were part of a wider gang, in this attack they were a group of 5 people.  They all escaped justice to a series of terrible police failings and where witnesses were intimidated and too scared to come forward.

In 1994, a secret recording of the pair made during a covert operation clearly showed them talking in racist and violent language.  This was, for everyone, now considered for sure a racist murder.  Failures in the original police investigation led to the McPherson report, which concluded that, the Metropolitan Police was “institutionally racist” and made 70 recommendations for ousting racism from society.

The other three suspects were named as Neil Acourt, Jamie Acourt and Luke Knight.  In 1997 daily mail named all five in an infamous front page as Lawrence’s murders.  To date, as far as I can recall, none have sued the paper.

Key Points for me:

The fact it taken 18 long years for this case to be concluded with convictions – shows the level of corruption and racism that has been inherent in the Metropolitan Police, and shows, how deep the problem expands.

Till date, from my recollection nobody has been made accountable for the appalling way the investigation into Stephen’s Murder was handled and executed by the very same Police, more so for the ill treatment of his parents and those who wanted justice and decided to made a stance physically.


I am pleased to see the long winded battle for his parents and for those who were attached directly to this case (seeking justice) finally come to an end.  They spent 18 years fighting the very same institution which should have protected them.  At least now, the parents can really mourn the death of Stephen Lawrence.

That said, it does however raise the question of how and why the original police investigation failed, was corrupt and which showed deep levels of “institutional racism”?  Although, Stephen Lawrence case is now over, the case of police failings in this case is still wide open.