Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong – OMG

by The British Asian Blog

This morning, I was sent a link via email to a YouTube video.  When I watched the video, I was totally shocked and gob smacked.  Proposing for marriage is a big deal, requires careful planning, and a plan which is basically fool proof, or in this case, embarrassing proof.

I have the belief that when you are ready to propose to a partner, you have gone through the days, weeks, months and sometimes years of indirect hints by your partner.  In other words, you intended partner has given you hints and direct signs that they are ready to get married, and hence just need you to go buy a nice ring (that fits) and find that perfect moment to drop to one knee, and pop the question and pray the answer is ‘Yes’.  Well, these guys, somewhere and somehow got it wrong, terribly wrong and are left embarrassed and humiliated.

Without further to do, I’d like to present to you my top 5 ‘Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong’.

Number One:  This dude needs a reality check, its clear he never did his home work.  It just was not his day.

Number Two:  This poor guy thought he had it all under control – in front of thousands of people.  Unfortunately, she had other ideas.

Number Three:  This person though the shopping mall would be the best place, a passer by managed to record the entire failure, as well as hundreds of other people who were expecting a ‘Yes’.

Number Four:  This is hard to watch, it clear from what the women says in return that this dude read the signs all wrong.  Ouch

Number Five:  His Mum was recording it, never mind the thousands present and millions watching.

So guys, my top five ‘Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong’.  Like I said, read the signs when you intend to propose to someone – otherwise………..

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