Samsung Transparent Smart Window (Monitor)

by The British Asian Blog

OK, this is unusual, that I write about technology on my blog, but I couldn’t resist in mentioning this new piece of bloody awesome technology, launching soon by Samsung.

Imagine a world of see-though monitors, windows/glass that is interactive and touch sensitive.  This new technology has really got me excited.  Imagine car information being displayed on the actual windscreen as opposed to the dashboard.  Imagine, shower screens where you can enjoy a shower and yet keep up to date with news or other programs.  Imagine, your bedroom window allowing you to surf the internet and yet see outside.  Imagine is indeed the idea behind this technology.

Science fiction indeed has become reality, and this technology opens up a whole new worldof opportunities.

At CES in Las Vegas, Samsung is demoing a new touch screen display technology that is see-though.

It is also known as ‘Samsung Transparent Window’.  At the moment, this LCD window can fit any size up to 46 inches.  So, will no doubt quality for my box room window.  With all the additional extras, such as HDMI or USB, it definitely is a new kind of technology – something I’d expect Steve Jobs to come up with and launch for his upcoming products.

If you are worried that people on the other side of the window will be able to see what you are up to, or doing on this screen, well rest assure – it’s a one way mirror.  In other words, people on the other side will simply see themselves in the mirror.

I’m really excited about this technology, as it now opens up new possibilities and new ways of doing things.  Who said the wheel could not be reinvented?

One question though:  Why didn’t Steve Jobs come up with this?