The Iranian Oil Embargo: Does This Mean War?

by The British Asian Blog

I try my level best to avoid discussing International politics here on my blog, but, on some occasions I just cannot help myself but to question political manoeuvres that will impact our lives.  Today, the news that EU (European Union) has decided to impose Oil embargo on Iran, slowly closing down all dealings with Iran’s Oil by the 1st of July signalled the final step in ensuring war with Iran in July.

On the face of it, this may not sound or appear to be significant news, but in my view this is a potential bomb ticking – timed to detonate and explode on 1st July.

To make matters worse, our boss, the USA will implement their sanctions targeted at the global financing of Iran’s oil trade will come into force in around 1st July.  Let’s not forget its election time in USA – with no Osama Bin Laden about, a new threat needs to be invented and Iran is just perfect for USA election campaigns.

This is not the first time that Iran has had sanctions imposed on it, but unlike previous sanctions, today’s EU Oil embargo is indeed the action which Iran has long said “such actions would represent a declaration of war”.

So, as the news spreads like wild-fire across the globe, news also spreads that Western naval fleets have entered the strait of Hormuz, the presence of USS Lincoln aircraft carrier and its task force, including the British frigate HMS Argyll and a French warship no doubt will have Iranians all nervous, but does signal (to me) a build up of Western Force prior to war in the Middle East.

I can’t really comment on the financial crisis of other European or Western Countries, but for me, I really don’t think we, the British, can afford another war both financially and morally.  The scar and wounds of failed war in Afghanistan and Iraq are still fresh.  What makes matters worse and in one sense, exposes our weakness, is that after all these bloody years in Afghanistan, we decide to have peace talks with the enemy the Taliban.

I strongly believe, that another war in the Middle East is likely to happen with today’s news development.  What’s more is that the cost of fuel in the UK is likely to go up, meaning a further increase to our livings standards.  Adding more pressure and worry to every household in the UK.

Living through previous conflicts such as Afghanistan and Iraq, we know too well that these conflicts never end and can expand over decades, often loosing sight of the real reason in going to war.  Same happened in Afghanistan, the Taliban were removed but the war continued for well over a decade.  In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was removed, there was a regime change and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, but yet the war continued for over a decade.  Iran is known to be more fearless than both Afghanistan and Iraq put together, with more advanced technology and sophisticated weaponry, one cannot imagine how long the war with Iran will take before it comes to an end.

I’d like to read what your take on this issue is.

Are we likely to see another war with Iran? 

How will that impact us in the UK or the West? 

Can we morally and economically justify a war with Iran?