‘Orphan girl’s rape and slavery ordeal’ – Ilyas Ashar, 83, and wife Tallat, 66

I often hear that British Asian people are well respected in their South Asian homeland, be it India, Pakistan or another nation.  Although, the respect that is shown is indeed a good thing, I often wonder the reasons behind it.  Is it because we (as British Asians) have survived in a foreign nation which was one time alien to us?  Is it because we have sacrificed our homeland, and travelled to a place for economical reasons, so that those (often referred to ‘families back home’) who were left behind could have a better standard of living?  Or is it because, by showing us respect they could win us over, show trust in us so that we may have sympathy for them and as a result we make arrangements, and often go out of our way to help those who appear to be in need.

Whatever the reason, we continue to show equal amount of respect – despite on occasions knowing the real intention for those who require our help.  That said, our British Asian community are not all innocent in with their intentions and dealings with those people who require our help back in the so called ‘home land’.

Let’s take for example this couple:  Ilyas Ashar and his wife Tallat Ashar.  This couple from Eccles, Greater Manchester trafficked a deaf girl of the age of 10 into Britain and kept her as a slave for nearly a decade.  During her ordeal living as a servant and slave, she was repeatedly raped as well as beaten and locked in the basement every night.  The basement served has her sleeping place, with no bed just a concrete floor.  Without access to either water or a toilet in the basement, she suffered mentally as well as physically, despite having disability she received no sympathy from her ‘owners’.  You can read more on this here, here and here.

The following is taken from a new article following this case:

The girl was never paid despite being made to cook, clean and do the washing, the court heard.She was also allegedly forced to clean the houses and cars of the couple’s family and friends.Mr Cadwallader said: “She was physically abused. She was sexually abused, which included being raped by Ilyas Ashar.”She was exploited economically, in that benefits, state benefits in this country, were obtained in her name, the money being kept by the Ashars.

“At night the door at the top of the stairs down to the cellar was locked and bolted so she could not get out during the night.

“There were no washing or toilet facilities in the cellar so that if she needed to use the bathroom during the night she had to bang on the cellar door in the hope that she was heard and the door opened.

“On other occasions, during the day, presumably when she displeased Tallat Ashar, she was pushed into the cellar, pushed down the stairs and the door locked.

“She would sit there for hours crying and locked in.”

The girl knew no one in Britain, had never been schooled in either country and cannot read or write.She was only taught to write her signature so her name could be used to claim benefits, it is alleged.Both defendants deny two counts of human trafficking into the UK for exploitation and a single count of false imprisonment.

Ilyas also denies 12 counts of rape, Tallat denies one count of sexual assault and unlawful wounding and the pair along with their daughter Faaiza, 24, deny charges of benefit fraud.

This reminds me of an post by a fellow blogger Bikram who not so long ago wrote about a similar problem identified in London.  The title of his blog post is ‘London dreams sad heart breaking’ which I strongly suggest you read.

Both what I have highlighted here and what Bikram highlighted in his post, echo’s a similar concern of how we as a British Asian community are failing in our responsibility towards our British Asian community and that community which we left behind in our home land.

In this instance, this girl had her entire childhood taken away from her, her teenage years where systematically and culturally raped from her and as a consequence her entire life has been traumatised.

What makes matters worse that the community in which this evil couple lived stayed quiet and unresponsive to this terror that was inflicted on this poor child.  I feel disgusted, ashamed and angry towards this couple, their immediate family, relations and friends – but more importantly the wider community who turned a blind eye for over a decade knowing full well of the treatment of this child.  If anyone has questions along the lines that ‘maybe no one outside of this household knew what was going on?’ well let me bring them to the reality of British Asian community – news spreads like fire, affairs of British Asian families are not secret within the same community, so that theory of no one else knowing simply is false and almost impossible to imagine.

I wonder whether this case is an exception, and I wonder whether this is just a one off.  No matter how much I like to deny this – it remains almost factual that their probably are more people out suffering the same fate.

Is this a moral decay of our British Asian community or are we just not able to cope with the growing influence of our status as British Asians in our foreign home?

Nonetheless, I firmly believe as respectable and responsible British Asian Community we need to uproot such illnesses from within us, we need to show those who brought us to this country and this part of the world, that we are capable of appreciating their sacrifices and hard work to bring about a better society which they dreamed of achieving.  


33 thoughts on “‘Orphan girl’s rape and slavery ordeal’ – Ilyas Ashar, 83, and wife Tallat, 66

  1. It’s true the community does play a big part in contributing towards someone’s misery and ill fate by turning a blind eye and ignoring the situation. While they all like to gossip about each other it’s very rare they stand up united to such atrocities.

    Many daughters laws brought over from “back home” are treated barbarically too and they end up suffering silently because they have no one to turn to.

    Some sort of body of council is required to look out for these people and safe havens provided. I think if people like the Ashars knew they were being watched and someone will eventually intervene they will think twice before inflicting abuse.

    I used to work with this councillor for this charity for people with hearing impairments, or for parents of children with this condition.

    We would visit homes and get them help and talk to them about their issues etc.

    Very often the mothers would be from back home. Many of them would barely speak to us if their in laws were hanging about. They couldn’t tell us what their issues were, what was troubling them or depressing them.

    I saw many sad stories, too many to write about here. But the truth was these people felt they had no one to turn to or express their feelings too. They were so controlled they weren’t even allowed out the house. Most of them feared they would be sent back home if they tried to stand up for themselves. Theyre like slaves in their own homes, cooking, cleaning being used and that’s it.

    Many have brought over family/friends as house keepers etc to help out but they are never paid properly or treated well and all they can do is suffer in silence.

    1. You have an interesting experience. Although I understand you point “Many daughters laws brought over from “back home” are treated barbarically” I think this is a two way problem. Some people who are arrive in the UK for a new life ‘now’ seem to take advantage of the life style of this country, the politeness and respect of the family they become part of is abused, and often is the case that all income generated by these individual is sent directly to their families back home and no contribution is given towards their new families in the UK. That said, the problem comes back the community in the UK, in the sense that they need to be more careful in selecting whether its worth the effort and risk in choosing someone from ‘back home’ so to speak.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. Age of ten…deaf girl…vulnerable, and abused, for ten years.
    It always shocks me when i hear stories like this. What the hell is wrong with these people..and what kind of an upbringing have they had to find this acceptable.

    1. I think the main problem with their upbringing is the combination of power (having the British passport and the Pound) and self-greed of being above the law in the countries in South Asia. How many times have we felt the power of the British Passport in South Asia, where the red passport instantly receives a salute from those in either India or Pakistan (and other nations). It is required, especially from British Asians, that as well as power and respect that responsibility is understood equally. That although in South Asia we may well get away with flashing the British Passport around, but in the UK, we have no chance. No doubt this couple and others involved will receive justice, but what about those others who are suffering the same fate but yet the community has turned a blind eye?

  3. michael

    descusting sonds like Frizz Joshef and Natasha Kampinsky Girls in the Cellar Asturia Joycee Lee Dungard 18 yers kapt in Back Yard .There as bean a boy with leaning problems taken from a children home and kept as a slave by 5 members of a white family as a slave till he was found dead at 29 like this one this Deef and Dump girl happened in Mancherster what is it coming to is there no decency left .I find on the whole most assian family are respectfull of there older relations .

    1. Indeed, although much respect does exist for the elder generation in the British Asian community, some times and on rare occasions that respect is taken advantage of, and as a result we have incidents and crimes as such committed.

  4. michael


  5. I know of a similar case that happend years ago. In the end the police had no evidence and could not be sentenced it makes me think, these are all allegations its destroyed everyones life if there guilty ill hold my hands up but just take a minute and think, if there not there still going to be treated like rapists for the rest of there old age.

    1. Good point, however I’m sure the only reason why this news have come out into the public domain, is because concrete evidence most likely has been obtained and gathered against the accused. However, the important thing for me is the voice my concern for the victim – let’s not forget the ordeal she would have gone through – if the accused are found not guilty (which I very much doubt) then society and community will morally take the highest ground and move on.

      1. stephen

        Am i right in saying if they are found guilty of this and this had happened rape, abuse and torture in pakistan under muslim sharia law they would be executed yes ???? how lucky they are to be being tried under uk law hey !!!! which predominantly most muslims disagree with i am not asian or muslim but am very intrested in your laws an culture as have spent long periods of my life living and working in saudi arabia ??????????????

      2. I’m not an expert, and please don’t quote me: In Pakistan, and pretty much is the case in other Muslim countries, that the sharia law is a watered down version of the actual Islam Sharia law. In other words, the current infrastructure of these countries does not fully cater for Islam law – hence why in such countries the prisons are over-populated and in some cases 50+ to one room when it should only hold 10 maximum. Taking this to its logical understanding – ‘if’ Sharia Law was fully established and ‘if’ justice was done correctly and these criminals in prisons were guilty then I don’t think prisons in these part of the world would be over run with people suspected of crimes – the prisons in these parts of the world would be empty and the British prions services would be sending some inmates over seas at the tax payers expense to be held in prisons that are virtual empty – but this is not the case.

        As for this particular case – as yet, they are suspects and the trial is still on-going. If they are convicted, then realistically they will just be added to the additional mess already in the country – it will be +1 to the rape database and as we all know, the prisons here are no less crowded then those around the world – eventually they will get the pardon for good behaviour and released earlier – but this mess will still be amongst us all.

        Ah yes, the British solution to crime.

  6. SO sad .. This is atrocious how can people do that to another human being and then wathc them each day every day in that pitiable situation..

    I am disgusted and then they say they are not guilty … I hope this couple and the family members are brought to justice and give a proper punishement .

    I dont know what to say this is a elderly couple..

    Although in such cases it becomes difficult to prove all that but as you have written there is enough prove to charge them .. I hope it happens sooner ..
    I mean what sort of people do this . I hope this is broad cast all over so everyone can see these faces , and this family is humiliated for wht they have done …

    Thank you for putting up this article , I will put a link to this at my place too so more people can read it …

  7. I share the same feelings which you have expressed. I too hope the justice is done fast, so the victim can move on with her life – more importantly, I hope this case allows those, who are in similar situation, to have courage to fight their oppressors.

    Thank you in advance for mentioning this post on your blog, together we can send out a strong message and bring awareness to such situations.

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  9. Dai

    Firstly, I am not Asian so my views may be somewhat invalidated, but this story has struck a chord with me. I found your analysis of the wider issue comforting – it is terrible that these things happen but I applaud your discussion of it here.

    However much that this story sickens and saddens me, the defendants are innocent until proven otherwise. That said, if they are found guilty I hope that the full force of the law is applied. And I hope that the victim is comforted by wider society.

    1. I agree, often it’s easy to become bias in such cases especially when the investigation is still in process – that said, it does highlight the suffering and ignorance of the wider community who simply allow such incidents reach this far.

  10. Asif

    Sadly a lot of people tend to come here to the UK from Pakistan using rather dubious methods, and when these people are children they fall through the safety net of social services who would normally pick up on these horrible situations.

    Let’s hope that due to their age, this evil couple do not get let off leniently.

    1. Yes, totally agree. There are many loop holes in a system which allows such crimes to be committed on those who seek a better life here in the UK. That said, part of the problem is how these people manage to, so easily, obtain visas from the country of origin.

  11. Saw this article on some website and was shocked.. I know crimes like rape/abuse are common, but the fact that a 60+ old couple could be so cruel to a CHILD was disgusting. What sentence would be punishment enough for such barbarians??!!

  12. I hope these evil bastards die a slow and horrible death. I hope they feel scared for their lives and sit alone in the darkness knowing what is waiting for them will come. I hope they scratch at the door until their fingers bleed, I hope they scream with fear until their voice is hoarse. Feel the cold hand of dread close around their damaged minds and lock them away so they’ll never see the light of day again.
    It sickens me to think there are people out there who treat others like this.

  13. Jane D

    I am interested to know whether the couple knew the girl’s family, were related in some way? What was the arrangement? Was it a commercial one – did money change hands?

    1. From my initial digging around – from the information available on the internet – it was clear (in my view) that the couple had known this girl. Because the girl was an orphan, her parents were unknown but the girl, herself, had worked as a helper in the family (in Pakistan) before they brought her over.

      In so far as arrangement – she was simply called over as a helper to the family. In the UK this is uncommon but in Pakistan it’s more common.

  14. Steve Byrne

    I live in one of the houses directly behind Ilyas Ashar and his Wife and can assure anyone reading this that no-one in our local community was aware of what this family was up to. I spoke to the man myself some years ago about an issue with a boundary wall and he came across as arrogant then, but how could I know then what he kept hidden in his cellar? Asian people that I know in our local area were universally shocked and disgusted at this crime. The blame lies totally with the family that commited the crime, and I cannot believe that anyone could think that any of the neighbours could know of, and not report this offence.

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