BBC One – Sir Alan Sugar’s – The Apprentice 2012

by The British Asian Blog

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One of my favourite TV series of all times is BBC One’s The Apprentice.  I normally don’t get the time to watch TV, I’m either working or studying but there are those few TV series for which I make the effort to watch or at least catch up on – The Dragon’s Den being the other one.

The Apprentice 2012 will be aired sometime in late March 2012, as has been led to believe by Sir Alan Sugar tweet(s) “Lots of people asking, so only for those interested The main Apprentice series will be back in late March”.  To my surprise it’s on a little earlier than previous years.  According to me it’s news to be welcomed.

As a Project Manager myself in my professional career – I often find myself kicking and screaming with episodes of shock when I see the manner and problem solving skills the contestants use to achieve their desired result on The Apprentice.  In other words, I cry in laughter when I see how they project manage their tasks, either as a leader or individual person executing a task given to them.

Over the years while watching this TV series – I somewhat rejected the notion that these contestants are selected because they are UK’s (and at times world) best individuals in their fields.  Although on TV they fall short of my expectation in being the best, they never fall short of my expectation of drumming up pure entertainment.

Often is the case that after watching each episode, at work we discuss the ‘flops of candidates’ and how they should/could have done things different – it’s a bit of a laugh.

Below is one example of the entertainment:

Now that I have this blog, I will be sharing with you my thoughts and views and at times criticism of each episode and each candidate as the series hits out on TV sometime in March.