Sachin Tendulkar Gets His 100th International Century

by The British Asian Blog

Sachin Tendulkar Gets His 100th International Century by The British Asian Blog

I have always admired people who work hard to achieve what they believe in.  I draw inspiration from such people who despite all the odds and pressures against them prove to the world that sheer dedication and hard work, in the end is all worth it.  One such man has done exactly that – the Little Master, as what he is known as – Sachin Tendulkar has finally reached this milestone of 100th international century both for his career and for India – but more importantly for international cricket.

Ironically, it’s exactly a year ago – March 2011 against South Africa he edged to 99 International centuries, and one year on, despite having close encounters in the 90’s he has finally set a new record, a new standard in cricket at an international level.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sachin for his momentous achievement and for setting a new standard in cricket.  It’s going to take something special to come anywhere near it.

As a cricket enthusiast and someone who enjoys playing cricket regularly from childhood – I know exactly how hard it can be to stand there on the cricket pitch facing ball after ball, it’s not just a physical game but equally a mental one too – but imagine how hard it must be to be facing world best bowlers both fast/medium and spin.

The more I think about Sachin Tendulkar’s achievement, the more I begin to appreciate the hard work he must have put in.  Let’s face it, as well as the fame, money, sponsors that come your way, the reputation built over time is much easier tarnished with negative media reports which follow when you have a bad time, or where you have fallen short of national or international expectations.

There have been those moments where I watched on TV effigies being burnt of Indian cricketers following poor performances, where allegation after allegation are aired with such venom that it amazes you beyond belief.  Despite all these pressures on crickets from home and abroad it remarkable how they keep their focus and composure and continue to deliver.  Under these circumstances Sachin Tendulkar’s achievement is something to be proud of and his brilliance applauded both on the cricket pitch and off.

Can cricket ever produce another Little Master Sachin Tendulkar?