The Apprentice 2012 – Third Episode Today – Week Three

Today, the third episode of The Apprentice 2012 will be aired on BBC One at 9pm.  In the last week episodes, which you can read about here, here and here, we saw the fall of two apprentices:

Week One said good bye to – Bilyana Apostolova – Bulgarian block of flats – Watch her audition here

Week Two said good bye to – Sleepy Maria O’Conner – Watch her audition here

The last episode (week two) was a good challenge.  The Boy’s team Phoenix and the Girl’s team Sterling went head to head to design a new house hold gadget.  Team Phoenix won the challenge by creating an echo bin for the kitchen or a compost bin.  Team Sterling, as usual, were pretty much all over the place.  Their invention was something called Splish Splosh for the bathroom when given kids a bath – it was simply a screen to protect the water from splashing everywhere.  It failed and so did the tem.  In the end, sleepy Maria lacked ambition and enthusiasm which made her lazy and sleepy (if you watched this episode you’ll know what I mean) and Lord Alan Sugar fired her.

Team Sterling were lucky to have one out of three fired, as it seemed at the time that Lord Alan Sugar was prepared to fire two people or even the three of them – that’s how poor their performance was.

Team Phoenix had their fair share of problems too.  Project Manager Azhar made a good decision to keep with their idea of echo kitchen bin, despite growing opposition from their sub group – who had other ideas.  In the end, the boys decided to praise Duane who came up with the idea as opposed to the Project Manager Azhar who managed the team and produced a win.  This was indeed an embarrassing moment for Azhar who was laughed at when he decided to correct the boys and make them aware that the win came about not just with the product but with this management.

Today’s episode will see, both team mix for the first time.  The task is for both teams to ‘create’ and ‘market’ a new condiment brand.  This will be time when both teams will need to put their creative culinary skills to the test in the kitchen.

Having the benefit of watching the last two episodes, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect.  Considering this task is more natural to the girl’s team – as it includes cooking.  I strongly believe the girl’s team (or whichever team has majority girls) will come through this and win.

What do you think?

Anyway, I’d like to leave you with a video below of some funny bits on the last episode.  See you all tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

10 thoughts on “The Apprentice 2012 – Third Episode Today – Week Three

    • The British Asian Blog says:

      Given that this task (for week three) involves cooking – I am with the opinion that the Girls team (or whichever team has more girls in it) will win – I’m not being sexist or anything – just going by what I have seen in previous two episodes and previous similar tasks.

      • The British Asian Blog says:

        Yes, Thank You. I figured that women pretty much always nail cooking tasks (including previous years of this programme) and there was no reason why they shouldn’t on this particular task.

        However, I have begun to like the Blonde Assassin. Katie seems to be not just a pretty face but she does know how to deal with problems under difficult circumstances. It’s a shame she has now been on the loosing side 3 times. I don’t think Lord Alan Sugar will want to see her any time soon in the boardroom again.

  1. potatosandwich says:

    Disclaimer: I am only watching this programme now because my wife likes to watch it and I show my support by accompanying her

    Both the gadgets were rubbish in my opinion and what was even worse is that at this level, they can’t identify simple maths:
    – This is the retail price
    – If you buy x, you get for this price
    – If you buy x + more, you get it for this price

    I was mortified to see Maria go because I was loving what she was doing with her eyes, no seriously! I think that other girl on the far right/left (depending on where you are sitting) should have gone because she had the most annoying voice and to be honest I saw no potential in her. I bet the other girls are overjoyed because the candidate that can fight her corner has gone and they are stuck with a weak candidate who will just take orders throughout the time she is on the show.
    Re: the boys, get rid of them all, they are all useless. Sorry if I haven’t been able to add anything useful today. I did however like the idea about the sponge gloves as I am so handy in the kitchen at home I would love a pair of those….gloves!

    • The British Asian Blog says:

      Now that your wife has total control over you – and that you watch this programme – you have no excuse but to share you views, opinions and criticism with the rest of my readers – like you have done so today.

      Last time when we discussed similar issues on an earlier episode, you highlighted that at times under pressure and time constraints against you can make you do silly mistakes. I hope after watching the second episode you realise my point that despite all the pressures and constraints against them (which I would have thought they would have been used in their professions) they have been picked as the future commerce of UK – and at this level no one expects them to get the basics totally wrong.

      The lady on the far right I believe is from Yorkshire and for the record the people in Yorkshire don’t speak like that. But, I swear she works in Gregs in Leeds and I’m 100% convinced that I buy my Cheese and Onion Pasties from her. If today she continues to give me that impression I will be writing to The Apprentice on BBC and tell them to double check her references as she may have faked the content of her C.V.

      Good to have you on board.

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