Easter Break – 2012 – The British Asian Blog

by The British Asian Blog

Here in the UK we are blessed with a long weekend, as its Good Friday tomorrow and then Easter Monday, it means a short working week and an equal long holiday/weekend.

For me, although my working week may have come to an end, my family-social-wedding long weekend has yet to start.  There are two weddings we (my family and I) need to attend this weekend.  Saturday – a distant family relative have a wedding in which their daughter is getting married and then on Sunday, I am the Best Man for my friend’s wedding – for which his family and friends are travelling from pretty much all corners of the world to take part.

You may recall, a post I wrote not so long ago – in how I try my level best to avoid such social family gatherings – I have my reasons.  This time around, I won’t be so lucky to escape, especially the Saturday wedding.

As the exciting working day draws to an end, and the end of the week fast approaches – I’d like to wish those in the UK a happy Easter break.  For those who are reading this from other parts of the world – I wish you a lovely weekend.