The British Asian Blog turns ONE – A Year of Blogging

by The British Asian Blog

On June 14th 2012, this blog turned One and amongst the ‘daily happenings’ that ‘had’ engulfed my life, I missed the moment to celebrate my blog turning one.

Admittedly it’s a small fry in the grand scheme of things but pretty epic achievement in my view.  I never really expected to celebrate such an achievement in anyway other than being prompted by an acquaintance, last weekend one evening in India, that my blog had turned One, thus prompting me now to share this news with you today.  So the fact that so many followers and readers have found their way to my blog in the last 365 days (plus some) is cool.

Since the birth of my blog on 14th June 2011, I have noticed that this blog has started to gain momentum.  I have not done justice to my blog and have somewhat fallen short in writing content as much as would like too – but I believe the hardest part has been achieved by reaching this milestone; the only ingredients left now is to build up its reputation and credibility.

In the one year of my blog, I have made some fantastic friends, despondent enemies, zombie readers and dedicated acquaintances, albeit all on-line.

So, for all those people who visit and have visited my blog a BIG THANK YOU.  I hope you continue to visit, harass, threaten, engage, stalk me and share your views with me and other readers.

On that note, this is for YOU:

The Lovers
will drink wine night and day.
They will drink until they can
tear away the veils of intellect and
melt away the layers of shame and modesty.
When in Love,
body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist.
Become this,
fall in Love, and you will not be separated again.

Jalaluddin Rumi