1 year, 2 months and 25 days later…

It, indeed, has been 1y 2m and 25d since I last published on here.

That’s 451 days.  Bloody hell 451 days of going AWOL in this space.

I am back now and I will continue to post.

One thing that has revived my thoughts in continuing to write is BBC – The Big British Asian Summer and their attempt to celebrate this fusion.  Rightly so and its commendable how they’ve engineered, carefully thought out, discussions centred around British Asians.  Admittedly I’ve not listened to all nor contributed but hey – I have this platform right and I’ll show my appreciation too – my way.

So with this, I’ll begin sharing more of my ramblings, mess ups and how life is now being married to Simren*

I think one standout questions asked by BBC as part of The Big British Asian Summer is:  Are British Asian more socially conservative than the rest of the UK?

This question, my friends, is a big one.  What are you thoughts (see poll below)?


Check in again here, as I’m writing again!


*name changed to protect Identity


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