Thanks for dropping in..

For some strange reason, I decided to finally own a blog of my own (the strange reason I will write about later, when I have understood it properly).  An achievement by my standards.  Thank you for dropping by – I’m glad somehow you managed to click your way here.

There is a reason why I decided to own my own blog, and why I chose the deliberate blog name (or url) as ‘The British Asian Blog’ which I hope to write in another blog post either tomorrow or the day after.  That said – I have struggled to search for other British Asian blog(s) that exist and that are live today (as some do exist but the owner appear(s) to have gone a long vacation since the last post(s) are in 2006 or earlier).  Do British Asian blogs exist?

Anyway – I wanted to start this blog with a little welcoming note.  As I said before, I hope to start writing in the coming days, once I’ve played around with wordpress and its features.

Once again, Thank You for visiting, and I hope you do return and on a regular basis.