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Month: March, 2012

Fuel Strike – 2012 – Don’t Panic Buy

Here we go again.  

Are we making matters worse by misunderstanding the situation?

Back in 2000, I remember when entire England’s road network, businesses and services came to a standstill.  The roads were empty and most business suffered to the point of bankruptcy due to fuel shortages.  The fuel shortage occurred due to lorry drivers, truckers and farmers blocking fuel depots so fuel could not come in or leave the depot.

Back then, it was the first time I witnessed people ‘panic buying’.  As a friend of mine worked at a service station near to my home – which was known as ‘Jet Service Station’ and I recall the cars queuing for hours in the bid to get some fuel.  I was asked to help along with few other friends guard this service station as some people tried all sort to either obtain fuel, abuse the rationing of fuel per car or tried jumping queues – it wasn’t a nice experience.

12 years on, I’d hoped the government by now, would have learnt important lessons and understood the seriousness of a similar situation occurring again – especially at a time when the economy has stalled and no sign of growth – but the incompetence of this coalition government has made matters worse.

Despite cock-ups by the ministers in recent days advising people to fill up jerry cans and store them in their homes, the general public have made matters worse.  By jumping to false conclusions and listening to rumours have gone ahead and started to ‘panic buy’ fuel which has led to more people joining them and has started to cause chaos around the country.

Let’s get some things straight here:

1.  The fuel truck drivers (or whatever their official name is) have not set a date for a strike.
2.  The Unions and Government are doing everything to prevent this strike from happening.
3.  As a precaution the Army have been trained to deliver fuel, should a strike go ahead.
4.  Do not panic and buy fuel, but buy fuel as you normally would.
5.  Don’t spread rumours which you have heard.
6.  Do not fill up Jerry cans and or store filled cans in your homes – it’s illegal and dangerous.

The government have done no favours in guiding the wider public and in fact they have made matters worse, and I can’t help thinking whether this was intentional to inject fear across the nation and add pressure on those who intend to strike in accepting the terms proposed by their employers or Unions.

Either way, the only way we can make matters worse is to panic buy, when there is no guarantee that the strike will go ahead.  Besides, the government cannot ‘economically’ afford to allow this fuel strike to go ahead, consider the economical crisis we are already in, bringing a standstill to the road network and services, including millions of businesses that will suffer will simply collapse the UK economy overnight – as it almost did back in year 2000.


The Apprentice 2012 – Second Episode Today – Week Two

Today, the second episode of The Apprentice 2012 will be aired on BBC One at 9pm.  In the Last week episode, which you can read about here and here, we saw the rise of many apprentices and the fall of one Bilyana Apostolova.

Although looking back at her performance compared to her ‘Sterling’ team mates, she didn’t do that bad, but she made the fatal mistake of opening her mouth when Lord Alan Sugar told the three remaining contestants in the boardroom to ‘shat-it’.

When the man says “it’s my time to talk, shut it and I don’t want to hear anything from anyone” he means it and at that point ‘silence’ is the key.  For Bilyana silence was a weakness and she rose to challenge Lord Alan Sugar in speaking at him while he tried to utter some words.  In the end, Bilyana – the Bulgarian block of flats came tumbling down – and she was fired.

Today’s episode is a slightly tricky one, at least compared to last episode.   Lord Alan Sugar will address the candidates in Victoria and Albert Museum, where he will ask both teams, Phoenix and Sterling, to ‘invent’ a new household gadget.  Their invention will then need to be pitched in front of the country’s biggest retailers.

In today’s task, the key is to find a ‘gap’ in the market, as the task is to ‘invent’ a ‘new household gadget’.  Re-inventing the wheel (so to speak) will simply not do.

Going by my gut-instinct I think Sterling, the Girl’s team will do well in inventing a new gadget, since in the last episode they did have some creative people amongst them.  That said, the key to this task as well as inventing a new gadget is the sales pitch and Phoenix, the Boy’s team seemed to have strong candidates in sales such as ‘reflection of perfection’ and ‘Master puppeteer’.

What do you think?

Anyway, I’d like to leave you with a video below of some funny bits on the last episode.  See you all tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

The Apprentice 2012 – First Episode – Week One

Simplicity Over Complicated

As I get more and more older, I convince myself more and more, that all the problems we face in the world is a result of ‘failed / bad communication’.

Last Wednesday – my notion was given further strength when I witnessed two teams battle it out to win a ‘simple’ task.  In life, somewhere and somehow we all go through an experience where we ‘over complicate’ simple tasks.  We learn, as we get older that a simple approach to a simple task is the better way forward – less time consuming and less complicated but with the same outcome.

So What Happened:  For those of you who watched The Apprentice 2012 Episode One – I won’t bore you any further with the details of what went on.  For those who didn’t watch it or have yet to watch it – don’t worry there are no spoilers here and, if you are still wanting to watch it then I recommend BBC iPlayer (you have 7 days).

Over the years, I have seen Lord Alan Sugar explain his tasks to the apprentices.  I admire his approach in explaining the tasks in less than 20 words.  This first task was probably the simplest I’ve ever seen on The Apprentice.  If I owned a business where I had a sales team – I would force my sales team at gunpoint  to watch this episode for ‘how not to do business’.

The opening moments of this first episode showed the future of British commerce, I had to grit my teeth while I watched self-promotions of these individuals.  I wrote a little about this few days ago and it’s worth the effort to mention this again as some had described themselves amongst other descriptions – ‘A master puppeteer pulling the strings’,A shark and total reflection of perfection’, ‘Like an animal I will roar my way to the top’, and ‘A blonde assassin’ delivered with total focus without batting an eyelid

My first impressions of some of the apprentices when they first entered the boardroom, at the beginning of the tasks, was the group consisted of loatheables apprentices with the usual delusional declarations of egotistical self priced – despicable characters.  Some were full of attitude and some were already raising their left eyebrows with a smirk as Lord Alan Sugar spoke at them.

So after regaining my consciousness after week one episode, I have compiled below ‘lessons learnt’ and where applicable tried to explain – how things should have been done.

Understand the Task:  Often people fail at the first hurdle and one factor to this failure is not understanding the task.  Understanding the Task means knowing what to do.
The Apprentice was no exception.  The task was simple and required a simple thought out process.  There was nothing complicated about it and neither did it need any debate.  I think both teams understood the task but the Boy’s team now called Phenix had the upper hand, as they felt confident from the start – and I guess they knew how simple the task was.

Do your Research:  In any market, be it business or your own profession – doing research is vital.  Most people fail to recognise how important ‘research’ is.  It prepares you to understand the future and more importantly prepares you to make those smart moves to keep you ahead of the game.
None of the apprentices made any effort to find out the market trend, potential explosive idea or even which area was strong to sell at.

Identify Individual Skills Set:  Knowing what the strengths and weaknesses are can make all the difference in achieving the end result.  This is more important to figure out in a group especially since you will be relying on those people to win you the task.
Both teams failed abysmally in my view to identify who will be good at what.  If you are going to be working together in the future, it’s very important to understand the skill sets of individuals.  Knowing who is good at what can potentially be a winning strategy going forward in this series.

Have a Strategy:  Having the right strategy makes all the difference in seeing where you are and how you intend to get where you want to be.  Think of it as a roadmap from A to B.
The Boy’s team seemed to have a good hold in this space.  It was clear in their mind – how much to spend on stock, what end product to produce and once you have a product, depending on its uniqueness what price should it be sold at.
On the other side, the Girl’s team, now known as ‘Sterling’ were terrible in getting organised, let alone defining a strategy.  They may have chosen a Project Manager who was in this trade already – and in theory should have already known exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it – but the Project Manager lost her ability to get organised or set a long term strategy which should have made all the difference.

Identify a Unique Idea or Product:  The product to sell and to whom is one of the most fundamental aspects of business.  Although it’s not the only thing which can win you the task, and as the Girl’s team proved so successfully that despite having a good product, if you don’t manage everything else correctly – you can still loose.
With so many ‘so called’ bright people on both teams, identifying a unique idea and producing a unique product should have been a walk in the park.  The unique product or idea sells itself, and both team failed to recognise this.

In the interest of keeping this post short, I’d like to sum up the remain points – as due to the amount of failures in the this task, I can go on and on.

In addition to the above, it’s equally important to ‘get your product right’, without which you can’t do justice to the good idea.  The other aspect which I think the Boy’s team succeeded in doing was to ‘delegate effectively’, this in the end proved to make all the difference between both teams.  The final point is to have ‘confidence to make decisions’, and again the Girl’s team Project Manager Gabrielle Omar clearly lost her confidence in making decision, especially when up against strong personalities constantly having a stab at you and your plan.

In the end, the Bulgarian block of flats came tumbling down:  Bilyana Apostolova who works as a trainee Wealth Manager in the UK didn’t last long, and as I witnessed Bilyana beg for a second chance, despite my gut feeling that the blonde assassin was on the verge of being fired I think Lord Alan Sugar changed his mind in the last second to raise his finger at Bilyana.

The following video are a tribute to Bilyana Apostolova:

..and to see some funny highlights of this episode, check out an edited version below:

I have been TAGGED – Twice

I have been tagged.  This means I have to answer 11 questions that have been ‘cleverly’ constructed by fellow bloggers.  Thanks to ‘Bikram’ and ‘Kamikaze’ not only do I have to answer 22 questions in total, I have to be honest and fair in my answer.  It’s the first time that I am taking part in such an activity – and I hope that you (the reader) enjoy my answers as much as enjoyed writing them.

The first rule of being tagged is to post the rules:

  1.  You must post the rules
  2. Answer the questions tagger set for you in their post and then ‘create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged’
  3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
  4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

 The following 11 questions are asked by Bikram:

1.  What is it that you love to do, most, and would rather spend your time doing it?

My Response:  I love playing sports, be it Football, Cricket, Badminton or even snooker (if snooker is classed as a sport).  I would rather spend my time playing sports than to do anything else.

2.What do you think others think of you?

My Response:  This is a hard one to answer – Let’s start with family – my family think I am a good boy, dedicated to work and earning a good living, but only if they knew what I really get up too in my spare time.  My girl friend(s) think I am a stone hearted person, who is insensitive, unaffectionate but good at women psychology and mind games – they say this because they are too use to hearing the words ‘I Love You’ a bit too often from other guys, and for me ‘I don’t believe in Love’, so never really say it.  My close network of friends think our friendship (which is between 6 childhood friends) is based on others being a strong pillar in the friendship – so they consider me to be a strong pillar.  My work colleagues think I am ambitious and creative at work, but for me I’m just more daring than others in getting projects completed on time.

3.Where do you see yourself end the next 10 years.

My Response:  In 10 years time, I see myself 5 years into my early retirement, living off the ventures/business I have started (currently I part own a Fast Food business, a Gym and a Printing firm) and for fun become a University Lecturer and travel to University Campuses around the world to teach.  I would also like to see myself married with some children, living on a farm away from the general public and pollution.

4. What is one quality of yours you admire the most.

My Response:  The ability to speak my mind and the truth in any situation, and not being afraid of the repercussions that might follow.

5.       Have you played a trick on someone that went bad, What is it.

My Response:  I have played many tricks and pranks of people, and some have gone terribly wrong.  One memorable prank I and few other friends played was during our school period.  In our class we use to have a friend who use to be on the receiving end of all jokes and punches as his appearance (being short and chubby) attracted abuse, let’s call him Q.  During our Technology class, we use sit with students from different classes, and in our technology class there was to be a girl gang, mainly consisting of white girls, where one of these girls was like 6 feet tall and stocky in her appearance, as a nickname we use to call her ‘Tank’.  In this Technology class, we decided to get our friend Q into some trouble with this gang of girls, and especially with the Tank.  So we lied to Tank that Q called her ‘fat and ugly silver back gorilla’.  At first, Tank didn’t take much notice, as she first found it embarrassing that someone would say that to her.  For the next few days, whenever we passed Tank, we would shout out ‘Silver back gorilla’ and when she would turn around, we would point at Q.  Q simply thought we was messing around, but didn’t realise we had already lied to the Tank, that Q was the originator of that comment.  One day, during our lunch in the canteen, we realised that Tank and her girl gang were sat a few tables away – so I shouted aloud ‘Silver back gorilla’ to which Tank and her friends turned and faced us, we all pointed at Q.

Tank and her girl gang got up and headed towards our table.  Thinking they were only going to verbally abuse Q, we grabbed Q and made him sit in his chair despite his attempts to get up and run.  So the Tank and her friends came over, and without saying a single word simple launched into Q.  Now imagine this, Q is about 5ft 2inches – chubby, round British Asian guy in the middle of a girl gang where Tank stood about 6ft tall and about 16 stones and her gang which consisted of white, black and Asian girls, and these girls are actually and physically punching and kicking Q almost senseless.

At one point, while we were stunned and shocked to do anything – they lifted him up and smashed him on the table where we were eating our food.  The whole canteen crowded around and eventually the security and some teachers pulled the girl gang apart.   The beating was so bad that Q ended up with half of his ear cut and bleeding, a chipped tooth and a bust nose.  His face had turned into purple with the amount of bruises he sustained and his head changed shape due to the swelling from constant punches to the head.

Boy or boy, we were all shocked and so stunned that we couldn’t even get up to stop the beating Q got.  Seriously, it was like a group of lions taking down a rabbit and shredding it to bits.  This was one prank that seriously went wrong.  We were all summoned to the head teacher’s office, and threatened with suspension and parents being informed if we didn’t tell the truth.  We owned up to the name calling, and admitted it was supposed to be a joke and it turned out wrong.  I think we had detention for 3 weeks, so every day for the next 3 weeks we had to stay behind 1 hour in school and help staff.

6.Who would you say made you who you are today (other than your parents, if that is what you would answer )

My Response:  There have been a couple of people, other than my parents, who made me what I am today – or more accurately got me to where I am today.  Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of these people and their names, I can only say, one individual is my spiritual guide and the other is my brother.  Both of these people have had a positive influence in my life, and what I am today or what I have today is based on their sacrifices.

7. What gives you joy?

My Response:  Travelling and exploring new environments, and that what happens behind a closed door with a women (can’t say anymore on the topic), and seeing my business empire grow gradually.

8.Who is your favourite hero and Why.

My Response:  My hero is my Dad, who has worked immensely hard throughout his life to provide security and stability for his family.  There is no bigger hero for me than my Dad, who continues to be a massive part of my life and the life of my siblings.

9.Why do you blog.

My Response:  I blog because I like to express my views and opinions – but blogging as an anonymous person allows me to expose more about how I feel about things without having reprisals from the wider British Asian community and alike.

10.Do you believe in love stories , if yes why

My Response:  I DON’T believe in Love Stories.  I think people in today’s society have made the word ‘Love’ so cheap that it has no meaning anymore.  That said, I don’t think Love is just between a man and a women – but Love is also for the creator, is also for those individuals who have had positive influence in your life – and in mine there are many people – I Love them all.

11.Tell us an incident that you remember always.

My Response:  There are many incidents that will always be remembered, but for the interest of this question being asked – One particular incident that will be remembered always is when one of my best friends (being a female) confessed her love for me when University finished and we got our degrees.  The type of guy I am – I said in question 10 and in question 2 that I don’t believe in Love no matter who confesses to me.  At first I laughed it off and didn’t think much of it, since our friendship was pretty free and open, and we did have good banter between us.  She even knew the type I was – I didn’t commit to one girl and in fact I actively rejected the idea of committing to one girl.

Over the coming days her behaviour changed towards me, and it pretty much rubbed me up the wrong way.  Eventually, I had to put a stop to it – otherwise more damaged was imminent.  So after my failed attempts to knock sense into her head, there was only one other way left – for her to see me with another girl.  To cut a long story short – I set up a situation where this friend caught me with another girl at the University.  My friends, who saw her later, recall her terrible state and bad mood.  She vanished without notice and was nowhere to be found till our graduation at the University, where other than exchanging a smile at one point – she left never to be seen again or heard from.  I openly make the statement, this is one of the reasons why I don’t bloody believe in Love (or Love Stories).  I had known her for almost 5 years and suddenly she ignored me as if we were strangers.  I hate love stories.


The following 11 questions are asked by Kamikaze:

The questions

1. What is your favorite cartoon character and how do you relate its traits to real life?

My Response:  I didn’t really watch much cartoons as a kid – you might find this strange.  I was busy playing outdoors and occupied with sports activities, mischief and just fooling around.  So in all fairness I can’t answer this question.  I mean, I did watch some cartoons but never to the point where I had a favourite one or one that I could relate too.

2. What attachment do you think can keep you from salvation?

My Response:  I don’t need salvation but salvation needs me.  Does this answer the question?

3. Name one character from books/movies that you admired and why.

My Response:  One character I admire is from a Bollywood movie called ‘Guru’.  It’s a character who is played by Abhishake Batchan, who plays a character who want’s to achieve despite all the odds against him including his friends and family.  I find that this Character ‘Guru’ is pretty much how I am and how I do things.  If you want to find out more about me, then watch the movie Guru. 

4. If you were to write a book with you as the lead, what would be the genre of the book?

My Response:  The book that I would write would be a fiction one, where I take the daring steps to be sent to a new earth found in our Galaxy.  Where I would make new discoveries and explore a new world.

5. Which language do you think in and how does it help?

My Response:  The language I think is called ‘Binary’ which is input and outputs of 1’s and 0’s.  This helps by only giving me two options to make a decision 1 = Yes and 0 = No.  It’s either I do it or not.

6. If you are new to a niche group, for example a seminar on a technology you have no clue about and everybody except you seems comfortable with the jargon, how do you try and fit in?

My Response:  I have been in situation similar to this, I could only lie my way through and make it sound so believable that those who had knowledge in the field had to go away and recheck whether what they knew was right or not.

7. Name one quality of yours you admire without a tinge of narcissism.

My Response:  You need to ask my many female friends – that will be the best way.

8. What is one faux pas you would never want to make? And are most susceptible to making!

My Response:  Sorry but I don’t seem to understand this question….

9. Umm…tell me a joke?

My Response:  Check my ‘Friday Funnies’ there are plenty there you can laugh at and even borrow for FREE

10. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of as a person?

My Response:  There are few accomplishments I am proud of as a person – but just to mention one here:  I owned my own large 5 bedroom detached house mortgage/loan free at the age of 21 through a smart business strategy which I developed with my family.  This then led to us becoming property developers for a while until we focused our energy into other business ideas.  I’d also like to add, that I was a student at University too when this was achieved. 

11. This is a cliched one. Tell us a hobby/sport that most people don’t know you’re good at.

Mixing Music, taking old Indian music and adding drum and beat to it.

My 11 questions for other people:

  1. Reveal one secret now, which you have never told anyone else?
  2. From your closest friends network, name one person who you secretly envy and why?
  3. If you were made Prime Minister for One day of your current country or the country from you originate from with total power – what changes would you make in that one day to make your country better?
  4. Do you know why men have nipples?
  5. If there is one physical aspect you would change about yourself – what would that be?
  6. When was the last time you cried – and why?
  7. Identify one thing you hate about yourself (physical appearance or habit)?
  8. If you could rewind back time, tell me one thing or incident you would change in which you were involved in?
  9. Name one blogger (in your blogging community) you would like to meet in person?
  10. If you had to choose between keeping a lottery win (for millions) or keeping your love of your life – which one would you choose and why?
  11. Tell us about one embarrassing incident when you was caught red handed doing something which your shouldn’t have?

Now the FUN bit, I need to identify 11 people who I want to terrify by my questions.  I’ll have to choose those bloggers who ‘yet’ have not been tagged.  So the following are the 11 people who I would like to tag:

My tagged list:

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The Apprentice 2012 – First Episode Today

Today, the first episode of the much awaited ‘The Apprentice 2012’ will be aired on BBC One at 9pm.  I use the words ‘much awaited’ as this is a unscripted TV series which I have waited for since the last 2011 series.

I always make an effort to ‘check out’ the the apprentices before the programme is aired, just spend a few minutes reading their statements of how perfect they are.  Doing this, just gives you an idea of the type of person you will see on TV.  Some will be smart, some over the top, some totally clueless and some who simply rub you and everyone else up the wrong way.

So, to save you the hassle of digging up about the apprentices, I have done all the hard work and put together some information, so you too can get to know the bright future of UK business entrepreneurs.

As I said in my first post in this space, that I hope to share my views, opinions and comments following each episode that is aired, so find this as an introduction to the apprentices and how they sell themselves – with a talk of a ‘blond assassin’ to ‘..roar my way to the top’ to personalities stating ‘I’m quite good-looking’, it’s a mixture of all elements in the same grinder and definitely in for explosive moments:

The Girls:

Name: Bilyana Apostolova
Age: 25
Job: Risk analyst
Lives: London
Interests: Dancing, baking and travelling
About her: She started her career as an entrepreneur selling snails on her grandparents’ farm in Bulgaria.
She says: ‘I got myself from a Communist block of flats in Bulgaria to the top of a skyscraper in the heart of the City of London.’

Name: Gabrielle Omar
Age: 29
Job: Architect
Lives: London
Interests: Travelling – she once visited 13 different countries in a year.
About her: Her first job was working in her parents’ fish and chip shop when she was 14.
She says: ‘When it comes to business I can be like an animal and I will roar my way to the top.’

Name: Jade Nash
Age: 29
Job: Business development manager
Lives: Bedfordshire
Interests: Going to the gym and watching drag racing
About her: She is a former 18-30 rep and worked at her parents’ caravan park while she was growing up.
She says: ‘What I want is to be able to retire when I’m 45, but I’m such a workaholic that I’ll probably carry on until I’m 80.’

Name: Maria O’Connor
Age: 20
Job: Restaurateur
Lives: Kent
Interests: Shopping and socialising
About her: She opened her own Greek restaurant when she was 19.
She says: ‘If you chuck me in the deep end I’ll swim, I won’t sink.’

Name: Jenna Whittingham
Age: 25
Job: Beauty salon owner
Lives: Lancashire
Interests: Showjumping – she competed at the Wembley 1998 Horse of the Year Show.
About her: She has never been away from home for longer than a week and cannot cook or clean.
She says: ‘My personality and character is once seen, never forgotten.’

Name: Katie Wright
Age: 26
Job: Editorial and research director
Lives: London
Interests: She is a devoted fan of Fulham Football Club.
About her: Her first job was as a pot-washer in a French restaurant when she was 13.
She says: ‘I would call myself The Blonde Assassin. I let people under-estimate me just so I can blow them out of the water.’

Name: Laura Hogg
Age: 28
Job: Bridal shop owner
Lives: Glasgow
Interests: Winter sports.
About her: She once skated with Torvill and Dean.
She says: ‘I am going to be one of Scotland’s next big exports.’

Name: Jane McEvoy
Age: 28
Job: Co-founder of food manufacturing company
Lives: Kilkenny, Ireland
Interests: Animals
About her: She played hockey and camogie – an all-female version of hurling – for her province and county respectively.
She says: ‘Anything is achievable if you have drive, determination, and a seriously good work ethic.’

The Boys:

Name: Adam Corbally
Age: 32
Job: Market trader
Lives: Derbyshire
Interests: Swimming, football and cycling
About him: He started stacking shelves and now runs a wholesale fruit and veg business.
He says: ‘I get too excited, but that shows my passion, it shows my drive and it shows my ability.’

Name: Azhar Siddique
Age: 33
Job: Founder and managing director of catering and refrigeration company
Lives: Manchester
Interests: His two pet sharks
About him: He says he is inspired by Ikea and its founder, Invgar Kamprad.
He says: ‘It’s not who shouts the loudest, it’s who has the ability to control the conversation.’

Name: Duane Bryan
Age: 29
Job: Founder/director of drinks distribution company
Lives: Manchester
Interests: Going to bars and clubbing
About him: He is a have-a-go hero after he chased and caught a hit-and-run driver trying to flee the scene of a crash.
He says: ‘I am a winner and I am a fighter. In order to be the best you’ve got to beat the best.’

Name: Michael Copp
Age: 31
Job: Managing director of kitchen and bedroom furniture retailer
Lives: London
Interests: Fishing, walking and boxing
About him: He left school at 15 but now wishes he had stayed in education.
He says: ‘I’m better than unique; I’m naturally gifted in business.’

Name: Nick Holzherr
Age: 25
Job: Technology entrepreneur
Lives: Birmingham
Interests: Playing squash, snowboarding and cooking.
About him: He earned money as a nine-year-old by selling golf balls back to golfers.
He says: ‘I’ve got lots of ideas, I know how to whittle them down into ideas that will work and I’ve got what it takes to make them actually happen.’

Name: Ricky Martin
Age: 26
Job: Recruitment team leader
Lives: Hampshire
Interests: Bodybuilding and wrestling
About him: He moonlights as a professional wrestler at nights and at the weekend.
He says: ‘I truly am the reflection of perfection.’

Name: Stephen Brady
Age: 33
Job: National sales manager
Lives: Vienna, Austria
Interests: Learning languages
About him: He once played in the FA Cup as a semi-professional footballer.
He says: ‘Enthusiasm is a huge asset of mine and I believe it’s caught and not taught.’

Name: Tom Gearing
Age: 23
Job: Director of a fine wine investment company
Lives: London
Interests: Watching West Ham and going to gigs.
About him: He says he can be over-confident and does not like early mornings.
He says: ‘I’m confident, charismatic and some people say I’m quite good-looking, so that adds to the bill.’

Sachin Tendulkar Gets His 100th International Century

Sachin Tendulkar Gets His 100th International Century by The British Asian Blog

I have always admired people who work hard to achieve what they believe in.  I draw inspiration from such people who despite all the odds and pressures against them prove to the world that sheer dedication and hard work, in the end is all worth it.  One such man has done exactly that – the Little Master, as what he is known as – Sachin Tendulkar has finally reached this milestone of 100th international century both for his career and for India – but more importantly for international cricket.

Ironically, it’s exactly a year ago – March 2011 against South Africa he edged to 99 International centuries, and one year on, despite having close encounters in the 90’s he has finally set a new record, a new standard in cricket at an international level.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sachin for his momentous achievement and for setting a new standard in cricket.  It’s going to take something special to come anywhere near it.

As a cricket enthusiast and someone who enjoys playing cricket regularly from childhood – I know exactly how hard it can be to stand there on the cricket pitch facing ball after ball, it’s not just a physical game but equally a mental one too – but imagine how hard it must be to be facing world best bowlers both fast/medium and spin.

The more I think about Sachin Tendulkar’s achievement, the more I begin to appreciate the hard work he must have put in.  Let’s face it, as well as the fame, money, sponsors that come your way, the reputation built over time is much easier tarnished with negative media reports which follow when you have a bad time, or where you have fallen short of national or international expectations.

There have been those moments where I watched on TV effigies being burnt of Indian cricketers following poor performances, where allegation after allegation are aired with such venom that it amazes you beyond belief.  Despite all these pressures on crickets from home and abroad it remarkable how they keep their focus and composure and continue to deliver.  Under these circumstances Sachin Tendulkar’s achievement is something to be proud of and his brilliance applauded both on the cricket pitch and off.

Can cricket ever produce another Little Master Sachin Tendulkar?


Opportunity to be in a Television (BBC) Documentary

I’ve been approached by Sukhpal Sahota from a UK’s leading Independent Television Production Company’s known as Red house.  An opportunity has arisen for couples who are experiencing particular challenges where parents are divided by anything from race to class to appear on this documentary.

If you are interested or would like more information then read on, as more information is available below including contact details:

Are you in a relationship that your Parents do not approve of?

Are you going to get married but are worried that your Parents will not come to the wedding?

Or are you going to have a baby and would like to see your Parents finally accept your relationship?

Red house, one of UK’s leading Independent Television Production Company’s, are looking to speak to couples whose parents feel that they are not a suitable match for a sensitive and intelligent documentary that will look at couples and Parents divided by anything from race to class.

If you would like to see your Parents come round and give you their blessing, we’d like to speak to you.  Please contact us on 0203 189 3412 or email us at

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