Predicting Fifa Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil results

Within a few hours, the first football game for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will kickoff. In light of this tournament and my love for Mathematics (as a hyperlexic) I have spent the last 26 months developing algorithms and mathematic formulas that will predict the outcomes for each game – thus predicting the winner for Football World Cup 2014.

It started off as bit of a laugh and something to do, but as I invested time, effort and concentration I realised this was taking shaping into something big.

Before I go any further I must state: I don’t work for any betting organisation, or have been asked by one to develop this and neither do I place bets to make money. This little project that I started was purely based on the love I have for numbers, mathematics, algorithms and statistics.  As a part time PhD research student and a entrepreneur I’m passionate about predictability with mathematical based algorithms.  By all means you don’t need to take my word for, I’ll prove it to you through my predictions before every game – right here on this very blog.

The last 26 months I have worked extremely hard in perfecting these algorithms as best as I could, and while the pre-tournament games leading up to the world cup 2014 qualifying were in progress I tried and tuned these algorithms and equations to ensure that when it comes to the world cup itself I’ll be ready, thus far I’ve got it tuned to 85% (with +/- 7%).

How have I done this? Well the truth of the matter is everything has a number, and it’s how you interpret that number into real meaning, something we understand. For example, if I said to you 28, this could mean anything. 28th of February, 28th can be my age, 28 can be my house number or it could mean I have 28 pairs of shoes – its finding out exactly what 28 mean that makes the big difference – and for this I’ve had to dig deep and analyse data from over an extremely long time.

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board and looked at everything:

–          Individual players statistics since turning professional

–          Each team statistics since records began

–          Team coach statistics for each game both national and international

–          Assistant coach statistics for each game again both national and international

–          Location/venue statistics

–          And many more

I’ve then used a total of 21 clever and extremely complex pieces of mathematical equations including The cardinality of the Continuum, The explicit Formula for the Fibonacci Sequence, Euler’s identity and The Explicit Formula for the Prime Counting Function but to name a few, and then modified them to serve my purpose – and bingo – I’ve got it to work.

So, before each game is played I’ll publish a new blog post. The blog post will contain the results from my system. It takes approximately 3 hours and 11 minutes for my machine to execute the algorithms. So you can expect the predicted results to be up on my blog any time from a few days to a few hours before the game.

Today in Group A it’s Brazil vs Croatia.

 My system predicts Brazil 3 – 1 Croatia.