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Month: October, 2011

Friday Funnies – Part 3

Friday Funnies by The British Asian Blogger

Disclaimer: Not intended to offend anyone but if they do then tuff – that’s just life.

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Friday Funnies Number One:

Note:  This joke was provided courtesy of Aneesa.  She was adamant I feature this joke for her this week, as she has vast knowledge and insight to the culture and life styles of Pathan.  She also requested a link to her favourite video of a Pathan Wedding where a traditional Pathan Chicken Dance (Please reduce the volume if watching in public or work environment) is taking place.

Pathan to AirHostess:  “Tumara shakal humara biwiw se bht milta hai”

AirHostess ne thapar mara

Pathan bola:  “MashaAllah! Adat b milta ha.


Friday Funnies Number Two:

Doctor:  Madam, Your husband needs rest and peace, so here are some sleeping pills!

Wife:  Doc, when should I give them to him?

Doctor:  They are for you…


Friday Funnies Number Three:

I walked into a Pub and ordered 8 Sambuca’s.  I downed them one after the other, then said to the barman, ‘I shouldn’t be drinking like this with that I’ve got’.  The barman replied, ‘Why, what have you got?’ I said ‘42p’.


You have any Friday Funnies to share?



Steve Job Dies 56 & Graham Dilley Dies 52

Steve Job Dies 56 & Graham Dilley Dies 52 – By The British Asian Blog

In the area where I have deep interests, Technology and Cricket – I learnt today morning that both areas have suffered a great and tremendous loss.  Steve Jobs, the Technology pioneer and co-founder of Apple has died, at the age of 56.  In the space of Cricket, Former England bowler Graham Dilley passed aware at the age of 52, who helped England complete a memorable win in the third Ashes Test.

Both men have great enthusiasm and fighting spirit, and no doubt have enormously influenced the areas in which they worked and believed in.

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