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Month: May, 2012

Where am I…

..a good question – where am I?  I’ve not been blogging for a while; this is because I have a fever.  This fever has a new name and is called ‘Simren-fever’ and for the first time in years I’m actually enjoying the symptoms of this Simren-fever.

I won’t be away for much longer, as we have had plenty of drama and allot has happened between me and her, and I need to tell you.

So, let me enjoy my Simren-fever symptoms for now and I’ll be back shortly.

For now – enjoy the song below – it says it all…



The Apprentice 2012 – Seventh Episode Today – Week Seven

Today the seventh episode of The Apprentice 2012 will be aired, as usual on BBC One at 9pm.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch today’s episode, as I have other commitments – but thanks to Sky Plus I shall catch up with it later (when I have an hour to spare).

I intend to write my review about last week episode along with today’s some point during the week.

Today the teams are called to a warehouse in Essex; Lord Sugar tells the candidates that this is how he started out, buying wholesale goods and selling them on for a profit. Both teams are given 150 pounds to spend on products of their choice, with Essex as their selling ground. Products are purchased and hopes for big profits are pinned on a collection of mops, MP3 players, fake tan and false eyelashes.

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