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BBC Coverage of Snooker

I am currently overwhelmed with life, especially between life and work balance, and more often than not, I find myself stupendously busy all-round.  People have often said “You’re insanely busy” and others often say “How do you do it?”.  One of the therapies I use to help keep sane and keep going is to follow Snooker on the BBC and/or play Snooker.

Snooker is one of the top two sports I follow.  The other being Cricket.  I’ve been a fan of snooker ever since I was a child.  Not only do I follow Snooker on the BBC I play the game allot.

While at University, playing Snooker, was one of my favorite pass times.  During stressful times, it proved to be a therapy to overcome assignment/projects and exam depression and anxiety.

Live coverage of Snooker on the BBC is outstandingly the best sport commentary programme I have ever heard.  To compare this to almost any other sport programme is like comparing Charles Dickens with some car wash leaflet that came through your letterbox.

The talent lies in knowing what to say next.

The game, football, only lasts 90 minutes and commentators frequently have to resort to clichés, but a single snooker match, it doesn’t last 90 minutes, the contest can go on for a day or even two.  In Snooker, the game has to go on, there isn’t any interruptions like rain or bad light, and so, the people (both men and women and during match play or pre/post match analysis) who commentate on it have to keep going.

To do this, they have to have best knowledge of their subject.  They have to analyse individual players from head to toe, understand and explain their psychology, their strategy including their strengths and weaknesses.  They have to explain what the player (at the table or sat waiting his opportunity) is thinking, what shot selection(s) will be or are being made, including identifying which ball(s) on the table the player will position himself to pot two to three shots ahead.  More importantly, the commentators have to possess certain amount of verbal adroitness.  They have to be able to talk about things that have nothing to do with Snooker, when required.

The period of Overwhelming-ness that I am currently experiencing in my my life is not the first.  During an earlier one, I heard John Parrot say the following about referee Jan Verhaas.

“Jan was nicknamed ‘James Bond’ from fans during 2002 China open due to his suave demeanor, since then, he is just as big of a star in China as any top 16 world snooker ranked players.”

Never mind the fact that Ronnie O’Sullivan has the most maximums of 147 in the professional game with 13, or Stephen Hendry who holds the record for most 100’s by one play in a tournament (16 in 2002 World Championship), or Cliff Thornburn’s victory over Terry Griffiths in the 1983 championship was completed at 3:51 am (the latest ever finish for a match at the Crucible), the latest finish for a final was 00:54 am between John Higgins and Mark Selby.

The stuff about referee Jan Verhaas known as ‘James Bong’ has kept me sane and kept me going.

While you are commentating on Snooker, you are also keeping people alive and sane.


Predicting Fifa Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil results

I was spot on in predicting Brazil 3 – 1 Croatia score yesterday.  To find out how I do it read my post here.

Today we have 3 games in action and my predictions for them, in order of play, are:

Mexico 1 – 0 Cameroon (Group A)

Spain 1 – 5 Netherlands (Group B)

Chile 4 – 0 Australia (Group B)

Predicting Fifa Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil results

Within a few hours, the first football game for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will kickoff. In light of this tournament and my love for Mathematics (as a hyperlexic) I have spent the last 26 months developing algorithms and mathematic formulas that will predict the outcomes for each game – thus predicting the winner for Football World Cup 2014.

It started off as bit of a laugh and something to do, but as I invested time, effort and concentration I realised this was taking shaping into something big.

Before I go any further I must state: I don’t work for any betting organisation, or have been asked by one to develop this and neither do I place bets to make money. This little project that I started was purely based on the love I have for numbers, mathematics, algorithms and statistics.  As a part time PhD research student and a entrepreneur I’m passionate about predictability with mathematical based algorithms.  By all means you don’t need to take my word for, I’ll prove it to you through my predictions before every game – right here on this very blog.

The last 26 months I have worked extremely hard in perfecting these algorithms as best as I could, and while the pre-tournament games leading up to the world cup 2014 qualifying were in progress I tried and tuned these algorithms and equations to ensure that when it comes to the world cup itself I’ll be ready, thus far I’ve got it tuned to 85% (with +/- 7%).

How have I done this? Well the truth of the matter is everything has a number, and it’s how you interpret that number into real meaning, something we understand. For example, if I said to you 28, this could mean anything. 28th of February, 28th can be my age, 28 can be my house number or it could mean I have 28 pairs of shoes – its finding out exactly what 28 mean that makes the big difference – and for this I’ve had to dig deep and analyse data from over an extremely long time.

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board and looked at everything:

–          Individual players statistics since turning professional

–          Each team statistics since records began

–          Team coach statistics for each game both national and international

–          Assistant coach statistics for each game again both national and international

–          Location/venue statistics

–          And many more

I’ve then used a total of 21 clever and extremely complex pieces of mathematical equations including The cardinality of the Continuum, The explicit Formula for the Fibonacci Sequence, Euler’s identity and The Explicit Formula for the Prime Counting Function but to name a few, and then modified them to serve my purpose – and bingo – I’ve got it to work.

So, before each game is played I’ll publish a new blog post. The blog post will contain the results from my system. It takes approximately 3 hours and 11 minutes for my machine to execute the algorithms. So you can expect the predicted results to be up on my blog any time from a few days to a few hours before the game.

Today in Group A it’s Brazil vs Croatia.

 My system predicts Brazil 3 – 1 Croatia.



Sachin Tendulkar Gets His 100th International Century

Sachin Tendulkar Gets His 100th International Century by The British Asian Blog

I have always admired people who work hard to achieve what they believe in.  I draw inspiration from such people who despite all the odds and pressures against them prove to the world that sheer dedication and hard work, in the end is all worth it.  One such man has done exactly that – the Little Master, as what he is known as – Sachin Tendulkar has finally reached this milestone of 100th international century both for his career and for India – but more importantly for international cricket.

Ironically, it’s exactly a year ago – March 2011 against South Africa he edged to 99 International centuries, and one year on, despite having close encounters in the 90’s he has finally set a new record, a new standard in cricket at an international level.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sachin for his momentous achievement and for setting a new standard in cricket.  It’s going to take something special to come anywhere near it.

As a cricket enthusiast and someone who enjoys playing cricket regularly from childhood – I know exactly how hard it can be to stand there on the cricket pitch facing ball after ball, it’s not just a physical game but equally a mental one too – but imagine how hard it must be to be facing world best bowlers both fast/medium and spin.

The more I think about Sachin Tendulkar’s achievement, the more I begin to appreciate the hard work he must have put in.  Let’s face it, as well as the fame, money, sponsors that come your way, the reputation built over time is much easier tarnished with negative media reports which follow when you have a bad time, or where you have fallen short of national or international expectations.

There have been those moments where I watched on TV effigies being burnt of Indian cricketers following poor performances, where allegation after allegation are aired with such venom that it amazes you beyond belief.  Despite all these pressures on crickets from home and abroad it remarkable how they keep their focus and composure and continue to deliver.  Under these circumstances Sachin Tendulkar’s achievement is something to be proud of and his brilliance applauded both on the cricket pitch and off.

Can cricket ever produce another Little Master Sachin Tendulkar?


Fabio Capello quits as England manager

This is a big deal, Fabio Capello quits as England manager the Football Association has confirmed.  Does this have anything to do with the decision to remove the England team captaincy from John Terry – to which Fabio Capello publicly challenged the decision.

Yet again, the England International Football team is heading towards yet another disaster.

It will be interesting to see how this story develops in the coming days, but admittedly I am both shocked and surprised, but lets see what happens.

The following is the table of managers to England football team:

What are your thoughts and views on this news?

2017 World Athletics Championships to be held in United Kingdom

I did have my doubts whether the United Kingdom could take on rich Doha, but it seems United Kingdom pulled it off.  London was selected ahead of Doha by 16-10 vote.

The decision for London to host these Championships came after failed 2001 and 2015 bids, and its believed 2012 Olympic stadium will be used.

Overall, this good news is expected to boost UK economy and as well as attract much needed investment to the decreasing sports culture in this country.  It’s time Britain produced more athletes and this success no doubt will give more encouragement to the younger generation.

Steve Job Dies 56 & Graham Dilley Dies 52

Steve Job Dies 56 & Graham Dilley Dies 52 – By The British Asian Blog

In the area where I have deep interests, Technology and Cricket – I learnt today morning that both areas have suffered a great and tremendous loss.  Steve Jobs, the Technology pioneer and co-founder of Apple has died, at the age of 56.  In the space of Cricket, Former England bowler Graham Dilley passed aware at the age of 52, who helped England complete a memorable win in the third Ashes Test.

Both men have great enthusiasm and fighting spirit, and no doubt have enormously influenced the areas in which they worked and believed in.

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