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Engagement Ke Side-effects: WhatsApp

On 5th May of 2016, I wrote about my intentions of implementing a 24-hour Internet ban once every week.  You can read about that here.  The timing of this couldn’t have been any better – the engagement ceremonies were just few months away.

It is now fitting to write my experience of the 24-hour Internet ban and how this played in my favour with Simren.

I decided to introduce this Internet Ban on a Wednesday of each week.  This meant on Tuesday midnight till Wednesday midnight I would switch off my Internet access.  I would only access my emails and that too when I was ‘only’ working, and boy oh boy was it hard or what.

I remember the first few Wednesdays, I’d:

  • Repeatedly pick up my phone and think ‘why I haven’t received any messages on BBM, WhatsApp, Viber, Google Hangouts, Telegram, Skype and Twitter’. Let alone the various other email mediums.
  • It made me anxious to know who was trying to reach me, and what if I was missing something important.
  • I repeatedly and subconsciously kept reaching for my mobile device(s) and then realising that I just repeated the same actions just a few minutes ago.
  • I made a few weird and confused facial expressions when during points 1, 2 and 3 as above.

It was weird.

I have now mastered it and I couldn’t any happier over this.

I learnt that:

  • If someone needed me, they’d simply call or text me – even in an emergency.
  • 80% of content I receive over social media application doesn’t benefit me or improve any aspects of my life.
  • If I spent my time reading the 80% of content that doesn’t benefit me or improve any aspects of my life, then I’d be spending ‘an extremely large portion’ of my free time doing something which has no material, spiritual or physical benefit to me at all.
  • I managed to spend more time on improving my life and doing things I enjoyed like street photography, riding my motorbike, reading, writing, cooking, gardening and making more phone calls to check in with people.

This has now changed my mindset dramatically.  I am now finding myself switching off my Internet on my device(s) 2 days a week (Wednesday and Sunday).  I can do the same from 10pm every evening, throughout the night and early morning till about 10am.  I am not watching or reading everything that is sent to me.  I can scan the content in seconds and decide whether to read/watch it or totally ignore it.

In short, I am probably most productive now then I have ever been in the last few years.  I’m being more proactive and getting more stuff done now then I could do before introducing the Internet Ban.

Simren is like me.  She doesn’t use much of social media on her mobile device(s) and that’s her own choice.  She seems to think that despite being more connected socially and virtually we are further physically apart.  In other words, these communication apps simply keep us further apart.  I couldn’t agree with her anymore.

Leading up to our engagement, she realised that I wasn’t on social apps much (by the last login signature each app displays).  She quizzed me over this, and I had to tell a little lie, by saying that I’ve always been like this.  I’ve kept my distance from social media but I value my time and I value physical interactions with people and she loved it.

I further explained how I had complete control of when I use the Internet on my device(s).  What she didn’t know and I haven’t told her, is that I’ve just recently got the hang of it and the confidence to make the Internet a valueless aspect in my life.  I went on further explaining how I switch it off and on (as above).  I could see her facial expressions change like a kitten – she found these little things cute and very much like herself.

It helped being in control of my devices.  For example, when Simren and I would be together (mostly only with the extended family or at an event) I wouldn’t even acknowledge my mobile device(s) until I either had a text or a phone call.  She picked this up.  She realised I was different from the rest.  This is made her snuggle into me more and more.

Now, since our engagement, I don’t have to bother answer questions which I use to get from other ladies in my life “why aren’t you responding to my message”, or “why aren’t you answering my skype call” and or the best “you were checking into the app 4 hours after I sent you a message but you ignored me”.  Simren knows if she needs me she’s got to ring me or very least text me.  This is what I call freedom.

Am I Superman or what.


British Asian Bloggers List – Resurrection

I have resurrected the ‘British Asian Bloggers List’ on my site.  Now is probably a good time to bring this section up to date.

So, if you’re a British Asian Blogger or an International Asian Blogger, for that matter, and want your blog(s) to be discovered then visit ‘British Asian Blogger List’ above or click here

All you need to do is fill out a small form and I’ll add you to the repository.  You can also help by getting others (and like minded bloggers) to submit their blog details.

Thank You!


2015 In Review

It is 17th of February 2016 now, about a month and a half since 2015 as a year slipped into the times of yore.  I had intended to right a more meticulous and scrupulous review for 2015, but, time is of the essence and time is for sure, thus not on my side.

So instead I’ve opted for a safer approach in my review, and indeed, an extremely short one by my blogging principles and standards.

There are three words that perfectly sum up 2015 for me:

Recuperation, Realisation and Appreciation.

Like every year for the past 5 to 6 years, allot has happened in 2015, much more than what I can afford to write about.  Key and significant events, or rather key triggers, that have occurred in 2015 will have a colossal, life changing (or so I hope) results in 2016, such as:

Simren and I will be getting engaged in 2016.  A dedicated post about this is on the horizon.

My family (parents/siblings) will be seeing more of me, particularly when I’m not travelling abroad, as some changes I made in late 2015 going into the present means delegating and entrusting some UK based business/entrepreneurial responsibilities and overseeing to a personal assistant I have been forced to have, albeit, at the moment on a 4 months trail period.  That’s right; I’ve finally given in to peer pressure from the crew and took on a 22 year old personal assistant.  Again, a post about this will be up soon.

Anyway, 2016 I hope, for us all is a better year and a more fruitful one too.

Stay tuned for more regular posts from me and shenanigans I go through in my life.  As always I write my posts as on ‘life as it is’ and it is, indeed, the best way.

This part of my life is called ‘Rules Of Engagement’

Ever since I was a child, the one thing I was good at or rather ‘extremely’ good at was to get myself organised and ready for obstacles of tomorrow.  I was good at preparing myself, in all forms, for the future, especially in the face of new and different challenges presented to me and at times at extreme short notices.   Over time I’ve grown more confident, secure and positive in handling pressures that come with this, especially when stepping into unknown territory.  Today, I’m no different, and with age has come wisdom and a wealth of experience.  I’m still having to understand the limits of my will power.

You may have noted that my posts, here on this very blog have gotten fewer and more far between of late.

I arrived back in the UK on the 19th September, after spending a very long time in India, where I had the opportunity to visit Florida and Dubai.

Since being back, I’ve been, with great effort and perusal, trying to get myself organised – especially since the new challenges in my life will require more of my attention, time and effort.

Other than the new challenges in my life, which I have written about before, in October/November 2012 I made myself accept a new one.  In a weird way, this challenge was a shock to me that I had decided and accepted to do it.  It has a direct impact on blogging and my desire to write.  I purchased two separate domain names along with hosting solutions.  These two domain names were to become my second and third blog along with related twitter profiles.  These two new blogs went live in November 2012.  This blog ‘The British Asian Blog’ still remains my first one.  One fundamental difference with the two new domain names is that they don’t include the extension “.wordpress” in them.

I hear you!  Why would I create two new blogs when I was clearly neglecting this one?

Yes, it is true that this blog was with ‘intention’ neglected.  Not because I was put off from writing or blogging or that I couldn’t find the time considering how busy I generally am in life and it wasn’t a case of being obtuse.  In fact, the absolute truth is that I had focused all available time and energy, when not running my businesses or involved in new ventures, in churning out content for my new second and third blog and spending time playing about with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help people discover the blog and its content more conveniently, of course online.

I hear you, again! What exactly are the other two blogs about?

Good question, and let me be honest.  This blog ‘The British Asian Blog’ was originally setup to fulfil a desire, and it was out of pure desire that I created a platform to voice my views on British Asians.  Since British Asians are making rapid forward progress it was my opportunity to talk about the Good, Bad and the Ugly vociferously, but overtime, I somehow have lost the focus and became wanton.  Instead of sticking to a dedicated area of interest, I began, without control to mix wide-ranging topics including my personal life and business interests, with posts concerning British Asians but the latter should have only every been published here.   I guess, one can argue that mixing a wide-ranging topics can be viewed as a British Asian life-style and what I go through would be a true representation of a British Asian or in other words, killing many birds with one stone, but I’m neither content nor satisfied with this, and so, two new blogs have been born as a result.

The new blogs (which I’ll refer to as ‘second’ and ‘third’ blog) have been created and executed to up a few levels in so far as blogging and writing is concerned, but also to get myself organised for the future.

The Second blog is intended for life writing and purely based on my private life.  The content is extremely well structured and is about reliving my life from as far back I can remember to the very present moment.  It contains memories of my childhood, my teenage years, my life at boarding school – the people I boarded with, lived with and where they are now and what they are doing, my family and friends, my acquaintances and the shenanigans, tomfoolery and waywardness I have got up to in the past and involved in right up until this very day, and everything else which is classed as private.

The Third blog is dedicated to my entrepreneurial side, and is purely based around understanding money, business, achievements, failures and how to be successful.  I use the word ‘successful’ loosely, as it is my belief that no one can ever achieve true success as the idea of success is based on individual interpretation.  The idea of this blog is extremely simple and with one, long-term, goal in mind – you see, you get people who spend a large chunk of their lives, be it hours, days, weeks or even months, reading and studying books written by wealthy people.  Wealthy people who claim to reveal their secrets.  Those individuals who get involved in reading their books or material often hope that their inspiration will rub off on them giving them that spark, confidence and know-how to go out and become equally successful and wealthy (and in some cases it does happen).  Well, I am not like that, and I don’t want to be a reader or customer of these books but an actual author of one.  The blog is dedicated to my experience and hard work from the very beginning till this very day.  The structure of the blog is simple but extremely effective.  It’s also a diary of how my new venture with my acquaintance has formed into a viable, prosperous, affluent and moneyed venture where already we have successfully launched in London and Delhi.  How I plan and organise to take it further.  I provide and make visible my views, tips and guidance to people who ask for my opinion along with an opportunity for readers/visitors to directly contact and engage with me.  The idea, as mentioned before, is to over time build up a credible platform with enough content for me to write it into a book or a series of books, hopefully.

The amazing part of all this is that since November last year, I’ve asked for help from a IT/Tech professional who works for me on a different business, to spend a little of his time playing with SEO for both blogs.  The chap understands SEO remarkably well and with him chipping in I’m glad to report that both blogs and associated twitter profiles have achieved and generated extremely large following and traffic since November 2012, especially the Third blog, much more than what I had in mind or expected and it isn’t serendipity.

So, where does this blog fit in?

Well, this blog will continue to operate as usual.  For now, my intention is to build up this blog to a reputable platform and continue to focus its content to British Asians.  The downside to this blog is that its platform is extremely limited, other than publishing content and tweaking the end-user interface; there isn’t much else I can do with it.  That said, going forward this blog will benefit from receiving equal amount of attention and focus from me in comparison to the Second and Third blog.  The long and short of it is that I have plans for this blog too.

In my world, nothing ever is by chance but orchestrated with intent.  As Steve Jobs and Apple quoted in one of their commercials in 1997 “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” and that, my fellow people, sums it all up ‘perfectly‘.

And so…

…It doesn’t get any easier or better.

It isn’t pain no more but complete numbness. Only if I had ignored the heart, remained arrogant and narcissistic, maybe – just maybe – I’d remain sane.

Nothing further to say…

Rock On

Okay, so maybe I was in two minds up until now, especially after my last post ‘the chronicles between Simren and I’.  Soon after publishing the last post, I had decided with warranted reasons I must add, that I wouldn’t write or blog about it anymore.  All, what I had written so far about Simren and I, was done with great pain and sting.  What I had written, the candor expressed, although anonymously and arcane, still did make me nervous and for many reasons.  My decision was made.


Now, somehow and in someway, my personal experience and in general the ‘happenings’ between Simren and I, has attracted attention.  Thanks to my followers and readers and to their perusal, who contacted me either via my blog or email, encouraged me to continue, admittedly taken back by the response.  Continue in sharing the episodes between us, and I am somewhat persuaded in making every effort, more than ever and with more determination to keep you guys in touch with it all, and where I find myself unable to repudiate.

This type of attention and determination brings me back to my days at boarding school somewhere in Berkshire.  It was there, at the tender age of 13, a nervous and truculent British Asian boy with a wanton attitude entered an intimidating environment, which later shaped his character to what he is today.  I guess a dedicated blog post about this is on the horizon.  It was there, in that very boarding school that salient preference was given to writing, and handwriting in particular – irrelevant of who you were, which family you belonged to, which internal house you were in, and what great things you may be aligned to do where the history of this boarding school was hard to ignore.  We were encouraged to write, not type, despite every student been given a laptop, and write anything and about everything.  It was a way of expressing, letting out the demons, capturing what needed to be said on a fresh piece of paper, neatly bound together to form a navy blue hardback writing book – where each new page screamed out for my imagination, feelings and thoughts, helped by the creepy, suspicious harry potter type of dark and cold environment.

From the many years I spent in that environment, as my age ticket by so did the habit of writing.  Writing, before long, became normal but a method to free yourself of all the anger, hate, reservations, confusion and reasons why you just didn’t want to be there, away from family and away from your real world.

Since then, till now, the only visible change is the replacement of that navy blue hardback writing book to this blog.  Then, whatever was written wasn’t for the public domain, but today it is. although written anonymously.

If you have had the pleasure of reading about me, you will notice a strong dedication of learning, of educating beyond aberration or expectations of many.  That’s right, I continue to educate myself in many forms.  This can only be achieved by writing and reading.  Both writing and reading compliment each other and go hand in hand.  In my case, writing helps me make sense of things, a kind of birds eye view of things, which otherwise is simply impossible.  As far as my situation with Simren is concerned – meticulous writing about it – as and how it is – helps me understand the entire situation, a sort of roadmap with a birds eye view – on what the terrain looks like, and, what I am taking on no matter how lurid or modicum it is.

Considering the above, I will now make every effort to post regularly about our story – exactly as it happens and unfolds, even if it is morose.  I envisage to post once every two weeks the very least and without word limit restrictions.  This is in addition to writing about everything else surrounding British Asians.

Yes, I may piss some of you off, I may also annoy some of you by the methods I adopt to achieve the desired result – I may even encourage some of you in your fight for that right person, a sort of panacea if you like.  I may give courage to others that it is worth every effort.  I may even provide you with some entertainment and repartee – albeit at my own expense..

So, on that note, Que le jeu commence…

Words are not enough…

Once upon a time in Mumbai Leeds


…no words today….


Me versus Aunty Jee = Simren

One of the weddings I attended was of a distant relative.  It was in Bolton and the weather was miserable.  As you may well have read on my blog on earlier posts that I try my upmost to stay away from Asian social gatherings – and I have my reasons.

However, I had a conversation with an Aunty Jee as follows:

Aunty Jee:  “Puthar (Son), it’s been a long time, where you been hiding?”

Me:  “Hello Aunty Jee, Hiding, No Aunty – I’ve been extremely busy with work and stuff – you know how it is with us young guns”  I’m thinking this will be a quick Hi and Bye.

Aunty Jee:  “Yes, yes, yes, in our days when we were young, we didn’t have all this technology and easy things, like bacebook (she meant facebook) or mobiles bhones (she meant mobile phones) we had to do everything the hard way”

Me:  “I understand Aunty Jee, but…”

Anuty Jee: “You see, today you young generation have ebery (every) thing on plate.  Cars, flats, houses and even ristay (marriage proposals)”

Me: “But..”

Aunty Jee:  “What But but but, look at your 3 piece suit – I bet you have hundreds of these suits but in our time we only had two Sarees.  One in the wash and one we were wearing.  I tell you, there is no value in anything any more”

Me: “But…”

Aunty Jee:  “What but, but.  Tell me have you done shady (married) yet?”

Me:  “No”

Autny Jee:  “What do you mean NO, bloody what’s the problem”

Me:  “Aunty Jee, there is no problem.  You daughter doesn’t answer my phone calls – what can I do”

Pause the conversation.  OK this was meant to be a joke, we call it banter and a sarcastic remark, and oh boy did I ask for it or what.  To be honest, I didn’t even know she had any daughters or at least I can’t recall meeting any recently.  Continue conversation:

Aunty Jee:  “Which daughter, is it Simren.  I tell you Simren is always on Bacebook (facebook) all the time.  She tell Choti (I assume Choti is the younger daughter) she likes you, and Choti tells me – I know, so why she not answer your call – I bloody phix (fix) her.  Oi Simren, Ithay Ahh (Oi Simren come here)” By this point, Anunty Jee was shouting out loud across other people who were seated, “ithay ahh and tell me why you not answer this boys bhone (phone)?”

Me:  “Aunty I was joking, listen Aunty I don’t even know your daughter – I was kidding”

Aunty Jee:  “Puthar it’s OK.  I know Simren, she bloody in her room all day and always in bacebook (facebook).  She been home from Univerbasty (University) for two bloody weeks and I no seen her, she always in labtop (laptop) or listen to busic (music).  I shout but she no bloody hear me”

Pause the conversation.  At this point, I see her daughter called Simren walk up to join us.  I was impressed by Simren’s eloquent walk, and her look (white saree and silver jewellery, with some red touch in it, and did I tell you – white is one of my favourite colours?).  Her look was simply (hardly any cosmetics) but yet pretty and attractive.  I could tell she has natural long hair, but for this occasion she had curled them slightly and she looked beautiful.     I now recognised who Simren is – and the last time I saw her we were much younger at it must have been at least 10 years ago or more.  I felt nervous and I felt my tie get tighter and tighter as Simren approached us.  So as Simren joins us.  Continue Conversation:

Simren:  “Yes Mom, what” with a nice gentle smile towards me.

Aunty Jee:  “Yes mom di batchi (daughter of), ithay ahh.  Why you no take this boy phone call?”

Me:  “Aunty Jee, please listen..”

Aunty Jee:  “Puthar don’t burry (worry), I talk to her”

Simren:  “Mon, what are you talking about, who is he and why would he call me?”  I could see total confusion in Simren’s face.  She too didn’t recognise me and I could feel my collars irritate with the heat expressed by my increasing nervousness.

Aunty Jee:  “What, you don’t know him, hey listen don’t go far with me.  I tell you at home bloody get off bacebook (facebook) and interact with family so you see the real world.  I tell you now and you bloody listen, when this boy call you, you answer his phone – OK”

Simren:  “Mom, are you feeling OK, who is he, and I’m totally confused?”

Aunty Jee:  “Chup karr (Shut up), don’t know who he is.  I don’t want no excuse.”

At this point, Simren is giving me the most serious looks I have ever had in my life.  Having said that Simren is actually pretty and attractive.  I try my best to avoid eye to eye contact with her during the 3-some conversation.  But Aunty Jee, has taken this joke to the next level and I felt embarrassed, ashamed and numb.

Aunty Jee continues:  “Tu Sadah Puthar hai (your our son) and you welcome to our home anytime.  You know where we live now?”

Me:  “Aunty Jee, erm No, I think you lived in South Pudsey right”

Aunty Jee:  “oh no puthar (laughs) that was a long time ago.  We now moved to other end of Pudsey and we have a much bigger house now – you will like.  Simren – give this boy our address now.  Your mom always complains you not at home and is trouble, but she is wrong – you are a good son I will tell her”

Simren:  “Right, give me your number so I can text you our address” Still giving me those serious looks and with a fake smile.  She managed to frown and produce a fake smile at the same time – which was sort of cute but I never felt so nervous in my life.

Me:  “my number is XXXXX XXXXXX, (and at this point the Aunty Jee reaches up for my cheeks, pulls down my face towards her and gives me a sloppy fat kiss on my cheek and walks away), Simren, Serious it was meant to be a joke.  You mom blew it out of proportion”.

Simren:  “How dare you tell a lie?  I am not impressed.  You embarrassed me and this is the last thing I want.  I’ll deal with you later.  Thanks for your number and I’ll text you the address later.  Your reputation speaks for itself and you know what – you will never change” With a punch to my arm she walked away with an angry look (in fact she looked cute).

I thought this was it but then Simren stopped, turned around and said “If you even think about coming over to your house, I’ll make sure you walk away carrying your legs”, she smiled again and walked away.

Dam, Simren from cute turned to hot.  I felt energetic and safe that I got away with it – well sort of.

Around 10 minutes later, I got a text from Simren with the address and a nice little message saying “Don’t even think about it”.

Boy oh Boy, have I been challenged or what.  My reply to her was this 🙂

To be continued… but the video somewhat captures the mood soon after:

Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai’ [Official video song] ‘Murder 2’ Ft. ‘Emraan Hashmi’

British-Asian Wedding Marathon Finally Over

..and at last, I get a chance to write and have some quality time to myself.  The British Asian Wedding Marathon has been a blast of a time.

Over the last two weeks popularly known as Easter period, I have attended 5 weddings in 5 days (7th, 8th, 9th, 14th and 15th April).  Not just attended but been pretty much part of the organisation of them too, including all the ceremonial activities, often expanding for couple of weeks prior to the big day.

Over the last few years, the Easter period has increasingly proved to be a popular time in the year for families to plan weddings.  It has benefits for everyone.  The kids are off from schools, students are off from Colleges and Universities and most people who work tend to take off holidays during this period, to be with their families and siblings and also to take advantage of the two public holidays (Good Friday and Bank holiday Monday).

As my wedding marathon comes to a close, I feel proud that I managed to be part of all the weddings, including planning before, during and after each wedding, and still lived to tell the tale(s).

Most of these weddings have been in the planning phase for well over a year and in one case almost two years.  It’s been a sensation in watching each wedding come together on the important day(s) and in the end, it’s all been worth it without a doubt.  Majority of these weddings were either relations or distant relations and a couple were of close family friends.

Many of you no doubt will be aware that Asian weddings are not ‘one day’ ceremony.  Asian weddings span over couple of weeks of ceremonies, including singing and dancing, Mehndi night(s), and other ritual events often building up to the ‘big day’.  These 5 weddings didn’t fall short of any expectations I must say.

It’s been the first time ever that I physically got involved in these weddings.  Previously, I would have come up with all the reasons under the sun, for not wanting to attend such weddings and I have explained this in an early post.  For some reason which is unknown to me, I couldn’t avoid them and in fact – truth be told, I actually wanted to be part of them.

Many people, who read this, will be accustomed to the grandness of Asian weddings, especially South Asian style weddings.  There is never a small wedding and guest less than 400 are frowned upon as not being too Grand-enough.

Right now, I feel extremely tired, not just physically but mentally too (including financially).  While I write this post, I have had a strong mug of coffee.  Thanks to Amy (the Business Analyst) who made me one after instantly recognising that I needed one when I walked into the office like a zombie at 10:25.  You may question “what’s the big deal with having a mug of strong coffee?”  Well the reason why I mention this is because the last time I had coffee was in University during my studies and that was back in 2006.

For now, this is all I can physically and mentally afford to write.  Stay tuned as I have more tales and stories to share with you from these five weddings, including my thoughts, opinions and views on many aspects of Asian weddings.

War on Fast Food

Most of you won’t know that I am part owner of a fast food restaurant/business.  This is one of my entrepreneurial achievements thus far, proudly owning 55% of the business, with another two partners.  In so far as entrepreneurial achievements, this is not the only business I part own, to add to the portfolio I part own a Gym and a Printing Firm.  I’m barely past my mid-twenties and I would regard my professional career as a Project Manager in the healthcare industry to be my main focus, at least for now.

Besides, as a British Asian, my family (and especially the elder clan) regard my career in the healthcare industry far superior and more respectable than the businesses I own, despite my accountant’s figures saying otherwise.

Having a professional career and owning businesses pretty much takes up all the time I have.  As well as working hard, extremely hard, I’ve got into the habit of being smart and staying few steps ahead of the game.

Making good use of every minute I have has got me to overlook, neglect and compromise some parts of my personal life, i.e. my health.  Being an owner of a fast food business definitely has not helped me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not over-weight, or obese in anyway – I’m still slim as I was in my teenager years, still have the physique and in some ways its more toned than it has ever been, but the trouble I have is saying ‘NO’ to fast food.

In November 2011 I declared war on fast food, I came to a decision that my diet needed to be controlled and that the amount of fast food I eat needed to be reduced to the bare minimum.  Being so busy in coordinating business and managing my career, I got into the ugly habit of eating while on the move – meaning either eating out in restaurants, at my own fast food business or generally ordering something already made to eat at home.  This has made me aware and cognisant that if I’m not careful in what I eat and when I eat it, I could be heading towards a life with increased waist line and reaching a point where I can no longer see my toes if I was standing up straight.  I’m sure I don’t need to give you all a lecture on the impact fast food has on our health and wealth.

My parents, brothers and sisters never fail to make the point that I no longer join them at the dinner table, and when I eventually do, I eat in such a hurry as if the world is about to end in seconds.  As a British Asian family, food variety has never been an issue in the household, every day of the week there is something different cooked and praise is to those individuals who make every effort to keep our stomach full.

So, as a result of my contemplation in November of last year, I decided to phase out fast food from my diet.  Almost 3 months have gone past and I’m happy to share that from eating fast food 3 to 4 times a week I have now limited it to just 4 times a month (every Friday with family).  I’ve become a good boy so to speak and make the extra effort to eat dinner with the family at home.

Admittedly, it’s not been easy in taming my will power.  I can wisely tell myself that eating fast food ‘junk’ is not doing me any favours – health wise and finance wise – and at times, when I’ve had a scent of Garlic Sheekh Kebabs sizzing on the grill, or the sight of chicken donner sitting on the soft-moist-buttered Naan, or when I’ve covered a shift for someone, or seen the pizza come out of the Pizza conveyor belt, my will power declares war on me and threatens to teach me a lesson.  That said, I have managed to stay focused and managed to fight my will power pretty good.

So guys, despite being a part-owner of a fast food business – I have declared war on eating take outs and fast food.  I know physically I feel more alive, less lazy and more alert – whether this has anything to do with the change in diet – I don’t know.  But one thing for sure, I feel much happier that I’m winning this war.

For now, the above is enough as an update on this war, there is however more details available which I’d like to share – but will share them in upcoming posts.

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