British Asian Bloggers List

A list of British Asian Bloggers & worldwide

If you are a British Asian Blogger then I want you to be part of my directory.  I’m Officially taking submissions – my directory will extend to Asian bloggers around the world.  If you meet the following criteria and want to be part of this directory then read on in order to find out what you need to do.

Why:  I have found it difficult to find more than just a handful of bloggers who are either British Asian or Asian living around the world (i.e. USA or in Europe).

Objective:  To make a central repository or directory which provides a list of active bloggers who are Asian and either living in UK or anywhere.  Their contribution, experience and life styles projected via their blog is a invaluable contribution, plus I just want to read more content from British Asian Bloggers and want to share the information with everyone.

Time scale to complete this directory:  This is a slow process and one which is ongoing – so I have no completion date but an ongoing effort to add as many contact here as possible.

Format:  I’m officially taking submissions as of now – If you want to appear on my list – then please provide me with the following details:

Example below:

Blog Name (example:  The British Asian Blog),
Your Name or known as (example:  The British Asian),
Your Location (example:  United Kingdom, Leeds)
Link to your blog / actual URL (example:
20 words describing your blog and what you are about.

Contact me by clicking here

British Asian Blogs Directory:


Almassite – Manchester, UK

Akbarwriting – UK

Amarinternational – London (and Midlands), UK


British Asian Roots – United Kingdom

BerryBloomXO – London, UK

Britdeshimummy – London

BritPakGirl – London

Browneyesblogger – London

BrAsian Hussy – West Midlands (UK)


Cherryorchard – Berkshire. England


Domestic Deepa – United Kingdom

Dream to Inspire –  Edinburgh


Expand and Realise – United Kingdom, London

Emergingnorthener – Yorkshire, UK



Gulshantahir – London


Heena Modi – United Kingdom

Humairaaslam – UK, Reading

Hindu-ducing – London


Idontwanttobeadoctor – England


Just Jay Beauty – London

Joëlle Jean Baptiste – Europe



Live with loss – Location:  UK

Life is Beautiful – Europe

Lima to Mumbai – Birmingham, England

M – UK

Me and My Random Thoughts – United Kingdom

Make It Happen – UK, London

Myclutterbox – London

MummyKaur – UK


naveedkhalidchaudhry – UK, London

Namaste From Ananya – UK



Pehrani – London

Positivity with Ramjot – UK



Raj Bilkhu – Raj’s thoughts and ramblings – Birmingham, UK


Sara K Blog – South East & London

Saris and Skirts – UK

Keemaaloo – London

Sundayfluke – England


thechatterjis – London, UK and Delhi, India

Tartan & Turmeric – Glasgow Scotland

TayabIqbal – Manchester

The Baking Sutra –  Hampshire, Chandlers Ford

Taran Bassi – U.K

Topical Asian – United Kingdom


Unlimited Choice – London, UK



Wordsndreamz – Leeds, UK






The Dialogue – Australia

Shil Rani’s Blog! – South Africa

Chandrika Shubham : A reserved chit-chatter – India

Madhulika Speaks – India

lazycornerofsrini – Bangalore, India

I Think So – Middle East

Fancy That…Fancy This – Los Angeles, California

Rufina – New York, USA

herenownotforeva – New York, USA

Nazar – A South Asian Perspective – Texas, United States

East Meets West Best Of Both – South Africa

Icy Highs – Delhi

Digstufs – Pakistan

Life & Times – Qatar


Tell Me Another – U.S., Massachusetts

Jos – Dubai

Food, Pleasure, and Health – Dallas, Texas USA

9To5Pakistan – Islamabad, Pakistan

Yasmin Elahi – Karachi, Pakistan

Renxkyoko – California, USA

The Muslim Literati – Stockholm, Sweden

29 thoughts on “British Asian Bloggers List

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  2. Great idea…I think the key to finding these types of blogs is to find one, read the comment section, and approach those bloggers. Once you do a few I bet the word will spread!

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  6. I suppose I’ll join – what with being British. And Asian. Also, timely because I’m researching a piece I’m hoping to write for The Observer in August about matrimonial sites. Maybe you can help?

  7. Dan

    I have yet to find a British East Asian blog. I realise that more often than not, Asians in the UK refers to the Indians, Pakistani, etc. and i often find myself in a difficult situation because of that. This is very different from the US, where i lived before moving to the UK. In the US, Asians tend to mean, in simplistic terms, the yellow people. Maybe i should start a blog as an East Asian living in the UK? Or do you have any recommendations?

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