..I’m still thinking, but for now the following will do..

It’s often difficult to take your own picture when it’s so easy taking one of others; likewise I find it difficult to write about myself when I happily read bio of others.  Nonetheless I believe it’s an important introduction for my readers to know who I am or consider this a firm hand shake in welcoming you to The British Asian Blog.


A British Asian Boy, a Healthcare Professional, a Student, a Entrepreneur, a Blogger, a Reader, a Traveller and a Photographer.


Shall remain a secret (just don’t ask why)


Thunder storms, the colour white, reading other people’s personal blogs, books, super motorbikes, loves friends and family, sleeping in on Sunday mornings followed by Fish and Chips, cooking, pursuing business ventures, challenging society and thinking outside the daba (box).

Inspires to:

Become a creative writer, makeing his business ventures a success, to build his own super motorbike, to one day beat Deepika Padukone in a badminton match, complete his post-graduate part time PhD studies, Travel throughout South Asia.

Favourite Quotes:

Life is either a darling adventure or nothing – Helen Keller

The Blog:

Just a boy who happens to realise that he needs a voice, a voice which talks particularly about British Asians and the ups and downs impacting them, the comings and goings in and around his life.  On odd occasion a review about books written by or about British Asians, films made by or about British Asians.  The vision he has to write and the business ventures he peruses, sometimes he may echo a tirade, make a gripe or he might express his pondering or share his ramblings, sometimes he might be sardonic and at times humorous and then he might suddenly become philosophical.

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All posts are created from my own opinion, opinion are funny as they are formed from the stuff we read – which can be right or wrong.  This blog or the content on the blog cannot be used for any commercial use or without my prior consent – which I doubt I will give you.  The views expressed on this blog that are other than mine are views of the commentator – this does not mean that I endorse them or condemn them.  I don’t tolerate people abusing or attacking others and I will delete/sensor comments or material that is harmful – unless the abused or attacked are either Tony Blair or George W Bush in which case I simply don’t give a crap.  Copyright material may be used in this blog and in all instances accurate references will be made back to the source of the material, some material may be used which is widely available to the public.

The author /owner of this blog is quite relaxed, just don’t take the piss.