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I’ve been playing sports ever since I could run.  Football, Cricket, Tennis, Swimming and so on.  You can imagine the toll it takes on one’s body.  So, in January 2017 I decided to give up all competitive sports for 3 months and stick to the usual Gym, Walking and jogging.

For me being this active to suddenly take a break was a big deal.  A shock to some.

It’s remarkable how a change, such as this, can make you discover allot more about yourself.

I mean, from one who would play indoor 5-a-side football 3 to 4 times a week, Indoor Cricket net practice (in winter) followed by Cricket for a league every Saturday and Sunday in summer.  Swimming and Tennis frequently, and Gymnasium, jogging and walking in addition – imagine the amount of personal time this takes up each day and each week?

During my 3 months’ hiatus from Sports, I discovered so much about myself.  Stuff that I think could not rise to the surface due to the amount of Sports activities I have been doing.

One thing I discovered is my appreciation for Trees.  I discovered trees.  No seriously I discovered trees in their beauty.  I was out early January in my rear (very long) orchard and the light breeze was rattling the branches of the trees.  Upon close inspection, I realised the trees had extended into one another.  I stood in amongst them, which I’ve done before, but not as alert as I was now.

Trees are indeed beautiful.  Natural and yet so free.  I have 26 trees in my rear orchard, and many more small ones (or baby ones).  They’re all individual from each other, yet some from the same family tree.  I’ve gone through the trouble of loaning some books from my local library (keep the library going too) about trees, and have successfully managed to identify all of them.

Just like human beings, trees are the same.  They all have their own individuality and their own growing characteristics.  I’ve learnt how they grow, how long they can grow and over what period.  I’ve also discovered trees can too have illnesses and diseases that can severely harm them and or even kill them.  I’m currently learning about the different types of treatments that can help condition a tree, help it for winter and prepare it for summer.

I’ve asked my nephews/nieces to help identify names for the trees.  The name thus far I like is Hulk.  Hulk is by far the largest of the trees.  One which allows my nephews and nieces to climb and spend hours exploring it.  It looks big, aggressive and overpowering yet Hulk is humble, arched over and child friendly.  Names for the rest – is working progress.

As a child, I have almost no memories of me ever climbing trees and exploring them.  I recall games being played around trees.  I feel sad about that.  Not sure why this is, because as a child at my family home in Leeds we have plenty of trees.  I plan to explore them soon and identify each tree at the house.

I’m not sure where this, sudden enthusiasm about trees, has come from but for sure I now appreciate trees, what they offer and how they naturally are and how they help our living conditions.

Yes – I discovered trees.


Leeds 26.04.2016

I wasn’t supposed to be in Leeds today.  I should have been travelling to Kings Cross London then to Knightsbridge.  I’m glad I decided to postpone my travels.

Not sure how the weather has been around where you are but the weather here in Leeds has been remarkable.  In the space of, at least 4 hours, I’ve witnessed snow, hailstone, thunderstorm, rain, high winds and now sunshine.

It was and has been beautiful!

It was poetic.


Letter to my, then, teenage self

Letter to my younger self


I’m writing to you using my Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone.  Never you mind.

You’re 14 and you’re going to rock (later) in life.  So far it’s been notoriously dazzling.


The future You – Age 20-something.

P.S.  July and August of 2013 will be a key milestone and a turning point in your life in so far as finance and wealth is concerned, its make or break time.  Oh, and the crazy, eyebrow raising and funny experiments you’re going to do with food, when you return for 2nd term at Berkshire in Sept, will later on in life make you a guy who can cook impressively – the creativity and no-short-of-magic will work with them each time.


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