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Surjeet Bansal & Mouni Roy in Just Dance 2011

Surjeet Bansal & Mouni Roy in Just Dance 2011 – by The British Asian Blog

Last week while flicking through the usual Asian Sky Channels – trying to find something of interest to watch, I stumbled upon something which touched me and while I watched it, it simply blew me away.  Admittedly I have never seen anything like this before or atleast to this calibre.  Surjeet Bansal jaw dropping performance with Mouni Roy during Just Dance 2011 competition just sent shivers down my spine.  I have since watched this on many occasions and I simply can’t get enough of it.

It’s been a long while since I last saw anything like this, and frankly I think Surjeet has a special gift in expressing emotions through his ability to dance.  It’s not only about his dancing ability but the creative side to him makes it a pleasure to watch this performance again and again.  Everyone’s story and pain is captured in this performance, you don’t necessarily need to understand the background song and for those who don’t understand Hindi language – the performance in itself will help you understand.

It’s worth noting the expressions on the judge’s faces throughout this performance, especially the expression on Hrithik Roshan face exactly 2.28 mins into this clip.  It says it all.


Just For You – Tum Se Yun Mile Ge – Ankahee

Last few days, my little blogging community have kept up the theme of Asian music and in particular highlighting tracks which bring back memories of some sort.  In light of this growing theme, I’d like to once again share another song which does have a deep sensitive meaning for me.  Much like the last song I posted up here this too is a song which I never get fed up of listening.  It simply is awesome.

In all honesty the movie Ankahee (2006) from which this track is from has many other songs just as strong, but this particular song ‘Tum Se Yun Mile Ge..’ indeed sends out a strong message.

I highlight recommend listen to other tracks from this movie (available on YouTube), but for now please enjoy.  Dedicated to You (North of Me).

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