Hand Written Letter

Despite living in a modern era, I like the feeling of holding a fountain pen and using it to scratch ink on a fresh piece of paper.

I write letters and I love it.

I have a number of people that I write to on a, not so, regular basis mainly in the UK but a few dotted around the world. It surprises them when they receive a handwritten letter from me, and their desire is as mine is, and weeks later (or occasionally month or two later) I receive a response in like.

My fixation started in the late ’90s while in boarding school as a student, the computer rooms were extremely far away from my dormitory. Traveling the regular distance to the computer rooms, navigating through long corridors, the many doors I had to pass through and the creaking of old wooden floors along the way just made it an undesirable activity to do. So I decided to write handwritten notes and handed them over to fellow students to pass on, as messengers, to their destinations.

I was gifted a fountain pen on my return home on one summer holiday with a few cartridges and a bottle of ink. I discovered my fix. It was my fix and I was addicted.

Writing should be normal. It shouldn’t feel special. Yet I find myself, in amongst people, to be probably the only one who writes. They find it fascinating and I too but for different reasons.

Unlike writing an email or any block of text on a personal computer, you have unlimited amounts of error correction that can be done at any time. This makes your brain race a thousand miles per second to rush out the words knowing that any error can be immediately corrected. Writing by hand is different, each word needs to be created carefully along with the carefully crafted sentences. You can embed a link to other pieces of information so you need to describe in few words as possible your points and they need to be as clear as possible. It isn’t easy and does turn into passion.

A few weeks back in Costas/Leeds, I was comfortably writing away with my paper spread and inks out and a fountain pen scratching away that I noticed a girl snap few pictures of me with her phone. She confessed to Snapchat them as it was rare to find anyone writing away – I agreed it is rare.

Writing now has become a kind of Art. Like all artists, the best piece of work comes to fruition when in the mood, likewise, writing has the same artistic level complexity. The best writing is done when you are in the mood.

If you want to find a subtle art, then go buy a decent fountain pen and accompanying ink set, and lets make art together, lets write to each other!

2 thoughts on “Hand Written Letter

  1. I admire your determination! But this one I’ll sit out on. Having been brought up in an era of writing thank you letters by hand every birthday and Christmas time for presents received, I loathed the pen. It was by the blessing of the universe that the computer became a real household tool when I became an adult and I’ve never looked back. Letters were always rubbish because my thoughts were many times faster than my writing speed and I couldn’t keep up – so letters were nothing better than a ‘summary’ of what I was thinking. But the keyboard allows me to spill out my thoughts fully and, more or less, at speed.

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