I have been TAGGED – Twice

by The British Asian Blog

I have been tagged.  This means I have to answer 11 questions that have been ‘cleverly’ constructed by fellow bloggers.  Thanks to ‘Bikram’ and ‘Kamikaze’ not only do I have to answer 22 questions in total, I have to be honest and fair in my answer.  It’s the first time that I am taking part in such an activity – and I hope that you (the reader) enjoy my answers as much as enjoyed writing them.

The first rule of being tagged is to post the rules:

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 The following 11 questions are asked by Bikram:

1.  What is it that you love to do, most, and would rather spend your time doing it?

My Response:  I love playing sports, be it Football, Cricket, Badminton or even snooker (if snooker is classed as a sport).  I would rather spend my time playing sports than to do anything else.

2.What do you think others think of you?

My Response:  This is a hard one to answer – Let’s start with family – my family think I am a good boy, dedicated to work and earning a good living, but only if they knew what I really get up too in my spare time.  My girl friend(s) think I am a stone hearted person, who is insensitive, unaffectionate but good at women psychology and mind games – they say this because they are too use to hearing the words ‘I Love You’ a bit too often from other guys, and for me ‘I don’t believe in Love’, so never really say it.  My close network of friends think our friendship (which is between 6 childhood friends) is based on others being a strong pillar in the friendship – so they consider me to be a strong pillar.  My work colleagues think I am ambitious and creative at work, but for me I’m just more daring than others in getting projects completed on time.

3.Where do you see yourself end the next 10 years.

My Response:  In 10 years time, I see myself 5 years into my early retirement, living off the ventures/business I have started (currently I part own a Fast Food business, a Gym and a Printing firm) and for fun become a University Lecturer and travel to University Campuses around the world to teach.  I would also like to see myself married with some children, living on a farm away from the general public and pollution.

4. What is one quality of yours you admire the most.

My Response:  The ability to speak my mind and the truth in any situation, and not being afraid of the repercussions that might follow.

5.       Have you played a trick on someone that went bad, What is it.

My Response:  I have played many tricks and pranks of people, and some have gone terribly wrong.  One memorable prank I and few other friends played was during our school period.  In our class we use to have a friend who use to be on the receiving end of all jokes and punches as his appearance (being short and chubby) attracted abuse, let’s call him Q.  During our Technology class, we use sit with students from different classes, and in our technology class there was to be a girl gang, mainly consisting of white girls, where one of these girls was like 6 feet tall and stocky in her appearance, as a nickname we use to call her ‘Tank’.  In this Technology class, we decided to get our friend Q into some trouble with this gang of girls, and especially with the Tank.  So we lied to Tank that Q called her ‘fat and ugly silver back gorilla’.  At first, Tank didn’t take much notice, as she first found it embarrassing that someone would say that to her.  For the next few days, whenever we passed Tank, we would shout out ‘Silver back gorilla’ and when she would turn around, we would point at Q.  Q simply thought we was messing around, but didn’t realise we had already lied to the Tank, that Q was the originator of that comment.  One day, during our lunch in the canteen, we realised that Tank and her girl gang were sat a few tables away – so I shouted aloud ‘Silver back gorilla’ to which Tank and her friends turned and faced us, we all pointed at Q.

Tank and her girl gang got up and headed towards our table.  Thinking they were only going to verbally abuse Q, we grabbed Q and made him sit in his chair despite his attempts to get up and run.  So the Tank and her friends came over, and without saying a single word simple launched into Q.  Now imagine this, Q is about 5ft 2inches – chubby, round British Asian guy in the middle of a girl gang where Tank stood about 6ft tall and about 16 stones and her gang which consisted of white, black and Asian girls, and these girls are actually and physically punching and kicking Q almost senseless.

At one point, while we were stunned and shocked to do anything – they lifted him up and smashed him on the table where we were eating our food.  The whole canteen crowded around and eventually the security and some teachers pulled the girl gang apart.   The beating was so bad that Q ended up with half of his ear cut and bleeding, a chipped tooth and a bust nose.  His face had turned into purple with the amount of bruises he sustained and his head changed shape due to the swelling from constant punches to the head.

Boy or boy, we were all shocked and so stunned that we couldn’t even get up to stop the beating Q got.  Seriously, it was like a group of lions taking down a rabbit and shredding it to bits.  This was one prank that seriously went wrong.  We were all summoned to the head teacher’s office, and threatened with suspension and parents being informed if we didn’t tell the truth.  We owned up to the name calling, and admitted it was supposed to be a joke and it turned out wrong.  I think we had detention for 3 weeks, so every day for the next 3 weeks we had to stay behind 1 hour in school and help staff.

6.Who would you say made you who you are today (other than your parents, if that is what you would answer )

My Response:  There have been a couple of people, other than my parents, who made me what I am today – or more accurately got me to where I am today.  Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of these people and their names, I can only say, one individual is my spiritual guide and the other is my brother.  Both of these people have had a positive influence in my life, and what I am today or what I have today is based on their sacrifices.

7. What gives you joy?

My Response:  Travelling and exploring new environments, and that what happens behind a closed door with a women (can’t say anymore on the topic), and seeing my business empire grow gradually.

8.Who is your favourite hero and Why.

My Response:  My hero is my Dad, who has worked immensely hard throughout his life to provide security and stability for his family.  There is no bigger hero for me than my Dad, who continues to be a massive part of my life and the life of my siblings.

9.Why do you blog.

My Response:  I blog because I like to express my views and opinions – but blogging as an anonymous person allows me to expose more about how I feel about things without having reprisals from the wider British Asian community and alike.

10.Do you believe in love stories , if yes why

My Response:  I DON’T believe in Love Stories.  I think people in today’s society have made the word ‘Love’ so cheap that it has no meaning anymore.  That said, I don’t think Love is just between a man and a women – but Love is also for the creator, is also for those individuals who have had positive influence in your life – and in mine there are many people – I Love them all.

11.Tell us an incident that you remember always.

My Response:  There are many incidents that will always be remembered, but for the interest of this question being asked – One particular incident that will be remembered always is when one of my best friends (being a female) confessed her love for me when University finished and we got our degrees.  The type of guy I am – I said in question 10 and in question 2 that I don’t believe in Love no matter who confesses to me.  At first I laughed it off and didn’t think much of it, since our friendship was pretty free and open, and we did have good banter between us.  She even knew the type I was – I didn’t commit to one girl and in fact I actively rejected the idea of committing to one girl.

Over the coming days her behaviour changed towards me, and it pretty much rubbed me up the wrong way.  Eventually, I had to put a stop to it – otherwise more damaged was imminent.  So after my failed attempts to knock sense into her head, there was only one other way left – for her to see me with another girl.  To cut a long story short – I set up a situation where this friend caught me with another girl at the University.  My friends, who saw her later, recall her terrible state and bad mood.  She vanished without notice and was nowhere to be found till our graduation at the University, where other than exchanging a smile at one point – she left never to be seen again or heard from.  I openly make the statement, this is one of the reasons why I don’t bloody believe in Love (or Love Stories).  I had known her for almost 5 years and suddenly she ignored me as if we were strangers.  I hate love stories.


The following 11 questions are asked by Kamikaze:

The questions

1. What is your favorite cartoon character and how do you relate its traits to real life?

My Response:  I didn’t really watch much cartoons as a kid – you might find this strange.  I was busy playing outdoors and occupied with sports activities, mischief and just fooling around.  So in all fairness I can’t answer this question.  I mean, I did watch some cartoons but never to the point where I had a favourite one or one that I could relate too.

2. What attachment do you think can keep you from salvation?

My Response:  I don’t need salvation but salvation needs me.  Does this answer the question?

3. Name one character from books/movies that you admired and why.

My Response:  One character I admire is from a Bollywood movie called ‘Guru’.  It’s a character who is played by Abhishake Batchan, who plays a character who want’s to achieve despite all the odds against him including his friends and family.  I find that this Character ‘Guru’ is pretty much how I am and how I do things.  If you want to find out more about me, then watch the movie Guru. 

4. If you were to write a book with you as the lead, what would be the genre of the book?

My Response:  The book that I would write would be a fiction one, where I take the daring steps to be sent to a new earth found in our Galaxy.  Where I would make new discoveries and explore a new world.

5. Which language do you think in and how does it help?

My Response:  The language I think is called ‘Binary’ which is input and outputs of 1’s and 0’s.  This helps by only giving me two options to make a decision 1 = Yes and 0 = No.  It’s either I do it or not.

6. If you are new to a niche group, for example a seminar on a technology you have no clue about and everybody except you seems comfortable with the jargon, how do you try and fit in?

My Response:  I have been in situation similar to this, I could only lie my way through and make it sound so believable that those who had knowledge in the field had to go away and recheck whether what they knew was right or not.

7. Name one quality of yours you admire without a tinge of narcissism.

My Response:  You need to ask my many female friends – that will be the best way.

8. What is one faux pas you would never want to make? And are most susceptible to making!

My Response:  Sorry but I don’t seem to understand this question….

9. Umm…tell me a joke?

My Response:  Check my ‘Friday Funnies’ there are plenty there you can laugh at and even borrow for FREE

10. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of as a person?

My Response:  There are few accomplishments I am proud of as a person – but just to mention one here:  I owned my own large 5 bedroom detached house mortgage/loan free at the age of 21 through a smart business strategy which I developed with my family.  This then led to us becoming property developers for a while until we focused our energy into other business ideas.  I’d also like to add, that I was a student at University too when this was achieved. 

11. This is a cliched one. Tell us a hobby/sport that most people don’t know you’re good at.

Mixing Music, taking old Indian music and adding drum and beat to it.

My 11 questions for other people:

  1. Reveal one secret now, which you have never told anyone else?
  2. From your closest friends network, name one person who you secretly envy and why?
  3. If you were made Prime Minister for One day of your current country or the country from you originate from with total power – what changes would you make in that one day to make your country better?
  4. Do you know why men have nipples?
  5. If there is one physical aspect you would change about yourself – what would that be?
  6. When was the last time you cried – and why?
  7. Identify one thing you hate about yourself (physical appearance or habit)?
  8. If you could rewind back time, tell me one thing or incident you would change in which you were involved in?
  9. Name one blogger (in your blogging community) you would like to meet in person?
  10. If you had to choose between keeping a lottery win (for millions) or keeping your love of your life – which one would you choose and why?
  11. Tell us about one embarrassing incident when you was caught red handed doing something which your shouldn’t have?

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